How Sleep the Brave

How Sleep the Brave

A squad of young fresh American soldiers are sent to Vietnam. Immediately upon their arrival, they are sent on a very hazardous mission into the jungle losing a couple of them on the way. As soon as they return to camp they have no time to rest and are sent out again on a long jaunt to destroy a V.C. village. After destroying the village they embark on the journey back to camp

A squad of young fresh American soldiers are sent to Vietnam. Immediately upon their arrival, they are sent on a very hazardous mission into the jungle losing a couple of them on the way. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marcus W (fr) wrote: Werner Herzog studies modern technology as only he can.

Stephen C (de) wrote: Good version of the story of Howard Marks britains biggest hash smuggler who spent 7 years in a high security prison in the startes for his crimes. First the plus points. Rhys Ifans is outstanding as Marks and its a role he was born to play he captures every nuance of the man and despite the fact he was a reall hardcore drug smuggler you cant help but like him . David Thewlis is good fun too as a slightly demented IRA terrorist who steals every scene that he is in with his acts of pure oddnesss. Director Bernard Rose throws in some good scenes including a memorable phone call from an Irish pub and the production of hash in its purest from. Now the minus . Why is Chole Sevigny playing Marks Wife!!!!!! Her Accent is terrible and despite her performance it ruins the narrative drive of the film . Also the film does tend to sag in places,mainly towards the end . Its as if Rose the writer has left Rose the director with nothing left to shoot and the result is uneven to say the least with Marks time in a US prision being glossed over rather too quickly. The film then stands and falls on its lead and luckily Ifans is more than up to the task. A solid film then ,but one that could have been a little better with some fine tuning

les t (fr) wrote: Not a Bad flick. Not very realistic but it try's. Not anywhere near HBO show "The Wire". "Life Is Hot in Cracktown" tells the story of several characters and their addiction problems. I saw it on Net Flix Instant Watch. I would recommend a viewing. The acting is a little bad. But the movie gets its point across. I like Urban Movies.

Krys L (fr) wrote: Great message.... Okay movie.

Tino P (gb) wrote: Feels more like a calculated product designed to expand the Olsens' brand than an actual movie. Also, it contains ethnic stereotyping and sexual innuendo.

Michelle A (mx) wrote: Gottas go to da hood --not!!

Mickael D (fr) wrote: Incroyable film decouvert sur canal, merci d'ailleurs pour la programmation. Histoire d'amour en camera subjective. Je suis tomb amoureux de Zhou xun

Cresswell S (br) wrote: Great movie about the Black Panther movment. Not to be missed

Brita L (jp) wrote: christian bale enough said

Scott R (ru) wrote: didnt do much for me

Thomas B (ag) wrote: A little corny, but funny.

Rangan R (de) wrote: In an unfamiliar territory, everything's a big challenge.The film was inspired by the American legend Frank Hopkins and his horse Hidalgo. They sail across the oceans to the Arabian desert to take part in a race. This adventure tells their new experience in an unknown territory competing with the greatest riders of the region. Alongside a misunderstanding leads to an unexpected confrontation. From there, how they escape and make back to home halfway across the world is the remaining film to disclose.A different kind of western that takes place in the original timeline of the cowboy culture which is the late 19th century. But the film has only one cowboy, because of where the story sets in. This film came straight after LOTR. Viggo Mortensen was good and his stunts were excellent. The initial parts that commence in America was heartbreaking and I liked the conclusion as well. It reminded me the animation film 'Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron'. Though the film was more about Frank Hopkins and the horse had a good influence on the story as the film title suggests. Long film, but worth it. Surely won't be a waste of time to give it a try.7/10

Greg R (kr) wrote: I know it's not totally impressive, but I actually really enjoyed this one.

Nicki M (es) wrote: It was okay. Ending ruined it and I had to rewind a few times as my attention kept wavering. Not an Angelina fan at all, but she's okay here, as is Ethan Hawke.For a free Netflix watch, no real complaints, but glad I didn't spend money buying or renting it.