How Sweet It Is!

How Sweet It Is!

All-American couple who try to bridge the generation gap with their free-spirited son on a trip, frisky business and misunderstandings galore ensue, all funny, vibrant and charming.

Photographer Grif Henderson is assigned a photo shoot in Paris. He decides to take his wife, Jenny, and his hippie son, Davey, with him on the shoot. Everything gets mucked up when she ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandy K (gb) wrote: A dark love story from Argentina with some breath-taking twists, built around the fact that the country has an astoundingly high rate of fatal car accidents. It's sometimes difficult to differentiate between the thugs working for the corrupt network of insurance-fraud mobsters and the outraged bilked family members who seem to beat up the main character (an ambulance-chaser attorney) so frequently that it begs the question of why he doesn't just run away and start a new life elsewhere. Well... until he meets and falls for the young doctor who hasn't yet been sucked into the network of corruption. The tension builds at the end as the two desperately attempt to break away from the dangerous powers that control their lives.

Andrew S (ag) wrote: The Incredible Hulk does a fine job of bringing the rage and energy of the hulk to the big screen, even if the performances are weak and the villain disappointing.

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Tina M (br) wrote: the bestest movie ever!!!!!!! I love this movie

Mandeep S (jp) wrote: Okay this isn't exactly a romantic movie. And script is flawed. But somehow the movie has something that entertains the viewer.

Steven Y (es) wrote: First the script. Now most science fiction films when talking a big new technology like consciousness transfer will create some crazy take over the world, the world will end, destroy civilization as we know it scheme. Xchange takes a different much more realistic and creative track. People hop into other bodies to avoid exercise, avoid long lines at the airport and experiment sexually. In other words what people in real life use mind blowing technology for. (The internet is a mind-blowing piece of technology and people use it not to gain control of the universe or gather great amounts of knowledge they use it to post useless opinions on movies, download porn and shop for collector plates on E-bay.) Now the third act does fall apart with talking killers and vats of acid not to mention car chases that wouldn't be out of place in an A-team episode but by this point the movies charm has sunk in. As for the sex scenes unlike many films with plastic woman and men who attempt to copulate with the woman's navel while still wearing their underwear, Xchange features sweaty, athletic and realistic sex. This along with some decent violence and good non-Baldwin acting helps elevate Xchange into a top tier of B-movies.

Ethan B (nl) wrote: As a direct-to-video prequel to the 1999 original, most will go into watching this film with a lot of doubts. And while it does abandon a lot of the tone from the original to become more of an American Pie type of film, it gives a realistic setup to where we see Sebastian and Kathryn in Cruel Intentions. None of the actors are the same, but they aren't terrible. In fact, Amy Adams is quite impressive given the poor script. The only problem is that this version of Kathryn is openly evil and not as undercover about it. Robin Dunne, who plays Sebastian, gives us a more likable character, but provides nothing of the same charisma as Ryan Phillippe's portrayal of the original.I compare this film to the straight-to-DVD American Pie: Band Camp. It's entertaining, but not the exact same. It's more aware of itself as a film, and at times feels like a Dawson's Creek episode--which it acknowledges once or twice.Although many may not like the twist ending, I think that it concludes an interesting backstory as to how Sebastian got to be so wicked and conniving in the original film.Cruel Intentions 2 steals a lot from the original, but also provides some more jokey dialogue and shock value--hence the American Pie type film. The jokes miss a lot of the time and are usually set up very blatantly.The plot might move a little slow and it may be low budget, but it's not a complete waste of time if you're a fan of the original.Twizard Rating: 59

Nigel K (fr) wrote: Much underrated cop drama led (and I do mean led) by Stallone himself. Even in the company of screen heavy weights De Niro, Liotta and Keitel. Packing an extra 40 pounds the Italian Stallion very much holds his own and for a brief moment reminds us he can an actor rather than the action hero.

Scott M (kr) wrote: I really dig that pig.

Alexander C (us) wrote: Would like to see at some stage.

Loni K (br) wrote: As always, you won't regret watching Meryl.

The D (au) wrote: This is a classic "less is more" movie that is underappreciated, although Duvall won for acting and it was best screenplay too. I rate movies on how they move me. I should add that I hate country music, however it is the perfect choice. The "realness" of this film is its subtle strength.

Laura H (gb) wrote: A beautifully constructed movie which perfectly marries the genres of drugs thriller and quirky love story. Burt Lancaster is superb as Lou, an aged old man looking back on the days of the gangsters of legend such as Al Capone with rose tinted goggles. Susan Sarandon is also wonderful as Sally, the casino croupier who dreams of a life in Monaco and whose life is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of her estranged husband and her pregnant sister. A tender tale which doesn't let up from beginning to end.