How To Be A Player

How To Be A Player

A playboy gets the tables turned on him when a party is arranged with all of the women he has been two-timing are in attendance.

Producted in 1997, the film is about Dray, a young playboy whose only objective in life seems to be to have sex with as many girls as he can without getting caught by his girlfriend Lisa. But a party is organized with the attendance of all women he has sex... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric O (kr) wrote: started off kind of slow in the sense that it was resonating with me due to the subject material being close to my own works, but not really offering anything else in terms of being a documentary. but then, somewhere, it turns the switch and really starts providing the dual perspective and leaves you kind of in the middle thinking, 'well, everything sucks': the true motto of a good documentary.

Bilal S (br) wrote: Awesome full action packed entertainment package!!!

Senor C (gb) wrote: Welcome to violence...My favorite Russ Meyer movie & one of my top 20 of all time. I don't know why I keep this from being a 5* flix other then it's exploitation but it's packed full of dynamite: buxom women, fast cars, go go soundtrax, lightning dialogue, stark black & white photography all that is 100% unique Meyer's style..rumor has it that this is now being remade by Quentin Tarantino & I don't really know what to think about that other then it's perfect the way it is so don't fuck w/ it

Kevin M W (gb) wrote: In this unhappy experiment everyone (but unhappy people) are in on the groove of hep music (which was swing music at the time). It's as uncomfortable to watch as imagining your Grandmother rapping ("Yeah, baby, yeah! Go cat, go!"), and maybe more so. I couldn't make it through it. Maybe you'll do better.

Rodney E (ag) wrote: Beautiful Girls is all right. Really nothing special in terms of story or acting but it delivers a certain kind of warmth that you could only see in paintings of the fall season. And aside from Rosie O'Donnell, the female cast is beautiful.

Greg W (nl) wrote: a elegant 'caper' film.

Hailey G (fr) wrote: Vertical Limit took corny and cheesy special effects to whole new heights. PUN INTENDED. Not only were special effect scenes over the top, but they were smothering the audience. Right after an "avalanche" occurred of course another character was about to be blown up or yet another "avalanche" occurred. The viewers could barely grasp what was happening before another tragic disaster was thrown full-throttle at them. But this was probably the only thing keeping the audience awake considering the clich plot and lifeless dialogue could easily put anyone into a deep sleep. I think it was evident to any movie-goer that the brother and sister duo were obviously not going to die due to their overwhelming key roles (just like any other clich action movie) while all of the minor characters were easily hacked off with a snap of a finger. This and their overwhelming tragedy of their father's death left them as the ready-to-watch characters that quickly disappointed. The characters description and background story easily had the audience snoozing after probably the only interesting and genuine part of the whole movie, their father's death. This movie went from extreme highs of too much action and ghastly special effects, to horrid lows that barely kept the audience in their seats. This movie was mediocre at best, and when I say mediocre I mean to say it was second-rate to all. Do not watch this movie unless you desire to waste the next two hours of your precious life.

BryanMatthew M (it) wrote: Peter O'Toole shows the all too real romantic side of himself.