How to Be a Serial Killer

How to Be a Serial Killer

HOW TO BE A SERIAL KILLER is the story of Mike Wilson, a charismatic, educated, and articulate young man who has found his life's purpose in exterminating people. Mike is determined to spread his message about the joy of serial killing and recruits a lost soul named Bart to be his pupil. Mike leads Bart through the ethics of serial killing as well as teaching him various lessons in disposing corp

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:death row,   murder,   prison,  

A serial killer decides to teach the secrets of his satisfying career to a video store clerk. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Debra S (nl) wrote: Very good except Sadie Robertson small part was a bit amateur. Fortunately she was only in a small part. Her mom, Corie, did really well though.

Robbie V (es) wrote: Well it's kinda indie interesting but it's not breaking any new ground.

Craig T (us) wrote: Continues a fine tradition of following through on a tragic miscarriage of justice in a cinematic and emotionally resonant (and now meta) way. If there's a drawback to these films - and there is - it's in how easily filmmakers fall prey to the very same conjecture traps that tossed suspicion on more than a few innocent, but not innocent seeming, people before honing in on the likeliest of suspects. The search for justice remains clear; the search for truth, muddy.

Heri C (nl) wrote: Una pelicula divertida, por lo que valio la pena verla. Siendo critico, muchisimos lugares comunes sobre el fenomeno del narcotrafico; y como que la musica de Morricone mas que un homenaje parecia un remake de una pelicula de Leone.

WS W (ca) wrote: Boring narrative. But Salma Hayek & Jared Leto are awesome as always.

Nick B (es) wrote: Such a great original and very clever movie. A documentary on a serial killer who wants to be the next Michael Myers or Freddy Kruger. They made it very funny in parts when it was right and the bit night when he kills everyone was brilliant.

Sneaky P (it) wrote: I love intelligent movies. Well-done period piece set in late 30s-early 40s France. Excellent writing, casting and directing; great, believeable performances.

Connor S (de) wrote: Jake Gyllenhaal has been in some truly amazing films. Bubble Boy is not one of those films. Nothing about this "comedy" is funny, I didn't laugh once while watching this. I suppose you could say that it's "so bad that it's good", but either way, it will take alot of strength to get through this. The script is absolutely horrible, having alot of gross-out gags and overly sentimental dialogue. All of the characters are unlikable, since they all have the IQ of a five year old. There is no redeeming factor about Bubble Boy, so I would highly recommend that no one ever watch this.

Stephane S (br) wrote: un OVNI, un film a prendre au troisieme voire au quatrieme degre !!

Ollie W (us) wrote: Cheesy and saccharine, Nichol's often surprisingly biting farcical comedy takes on Hollywood and family rivalry with occasional sparks of pure, hilarious genius. MacLaine and Streep are exceptional while Hackman rules the screen every time he appears and it might end rather terribly, but within this middling material there are definitely the ingredients for an excellent Almodovar film.

Craig C (de) wrote: In 1977, Ralph Bakshi's Wizards became an instant cult classic and midnight movie fixture. Still considered his magnum opus, 35 years on the film is pompous and hateful, and the climactic meeting is a disturbing cop out. Now a relic of its era, I can only recommend it to Bakshi fans.

Robyn F (gb) wrote: so good so bad, pretty people, ugly people, the crazy wild west, pontifications on life and death, good and evil - westerns! yes! though i thought there would've been more gore in this one. alas.hilarious musical interludes while crossing the desert, unbelievable dvd extra of actor who played chaco talking about his own acting awesomeness

Andy S (es) wrote: shame that Kon Ichikawa died yesterday. at least he left us a powerful and meditative anti-war film. calmer than COME AND SEE. more humanistic than THE RED AND THE WHITE (aka: STARS AND SOLDIERS). more focused than THE THIN RED LINE. and not as obvious as LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA. see it.

Veniea T (mx) wrote: All CLASSICS are GOOD

Jordan B (nl) wrote: I'm gonna start this out by saying that Chronicle is one of my favorite movies of all time. It put the perfect twist on found footage films and shined a bright light on what can only be explained as what would be more than likely to happen if a person, let a lone a teenager or group of teenagers somehow gained superpowers. They would be confused and hidden with their abilities, and as their powers grew, there would be a massive chance that one of the people would begin to become power drunk and use their abilities to hurt innocent people. This movie is what put Dane DeHaan on the map for me as a good actor along with Micheal B. Jordan. In my personal opinion there is absolutely no flaws in this film and I consider it to be a masterpiece in the history of film making. Now what I would really like to see is director Josh Trank and writer Max Landis to get back to work together to make Chronicle 2 simply because I feel like a not specifically found footage film about Matt's struggle with keeping his life together while trying to find ways to use his power for good would be a just as equally mind blowing film as Chronicle is.

Chris H (fr) wrote: Best film ever, powerful touching and just amazing

Jamey T (it) wrote: Some really funny stuff in this movie. Shows a different side of a lot of well-known actors. Especially Michael J. Fox and Malik Yoba.