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Huccha torrent reviews

Daniel M (jp) wrote: When you see a 'rip-off' so blatantly present even on its name, you know it is not worth it.

Shawn E (gb) wrote: An average Cronenberg film. But I liked Fassbender and Keira Knightley together. It was an okay watch.

Deb S (kr) wrote: I got to say nothing beats watching a bunch of well oiled, well muscled guys beating the crap out of each other. This one is no different with our hero being a retired MMA fighter (Tony Schiena) who has been out of the game for over five years. However, when an unscrupulous promoter finds an oversight in his contract he is forced to make one last fight in order to fulfill his contractual obligations. He decides to take on the current undefeated champ under the coaching tutelage of Brett Favre, but he has to do this in two months time. Dean Cain is our hero's wheelchair bound roommate who got placed there after a sparring match went wrong. Add a little bit of spice in the form of a hot Asian chick (Bai Ling Crank 2 High Voltage) and put in the obligatory sex scene with copious nudity and you've got "Circle ofPain". Predictable but the fighting scenes were okay and you have a splash of everything starting with the reluctant hero, the deranged bad guy, the eccentric trainer, and the wheelchair-bound sidekick and there is a brief spar with "Kimbo" The Slice as well.

Ryan A (nl) wrote: "12 Rounds is one of the best movie of the year!" John Cena performance is intence, smart, powerful, and epic. The directing by Renny Harlin is terrific! The score and special effects are really good. A must see movie!!!

Wiebke K (br) wrote: Very bare-bones documentary on the life of Palestinians who work construction illegally in Israel. Their shed is their hotel. Not great and not limited to this border.

Amy F (au) wrote: Very average, I'm sure they could have done this with more class.....

Jeff H (es) wrote: Some may say the Seatle grunge sceen was the last great music movement. I agree... this movie resparked the love for me. I was about 13 during the "hype" so this is a sweet spot for me. You almost feel the progression of the sceen as the doc goes on. The music at first is obscure then nirvanna and sound garden hits and your in! I started thinking of other movements (english invasion, classic rock etc.). This movie is a little time capsule and some times you need to get a little distance away from some thing to realize it significance. It also shows how commericalization ruins art.

JanMichael R (kr) wrote: Nicely filmed and overall an entertaining movie. A little slow and the plot is a little thin at times.

Sue N (it) wrote: be carefull what your desire is asking for... be sure for what you are loyal of...

Shawn R (ca) wrote: While not as good as the first one, it is an excellent sequal.Terry O'quinn is bad ass in it again, and makes one of the most evil characters come alive.

Leo L (us) wrote: This is one those movies that you wish that McCarthy and Ringwald would not have made.

Rob M (es) wrote: Interesting history of comic books. Spent less time than I expected on the early days and more on the underground comics of the seventies and eighties. Would be good to see a part two for this movie now that it is 20 years later.

Joel A (br) wrote: A clever insightful documentary that exposes all things fake & the clever process how it works.Orson Welles hosts & presents many frauds that are top in the world regarding painting.It's amazing in our society how much fraud there truly is...this is a fascinating film.

Steve E (fr) wrote: I'm giving this film 2 stars because it's the father of all modern cannibal films. Shot by legendary Umberto Lenzi, it features a nice music score, and Me Me Lai has her nicest role here, she exudes exotic beauty and plays her character with passion. Ivan Rassimov is great too. It can't get a 3 stars because the pace is too slow.

Ken S (fr) wrote: Polyanna got hot in this awesome little British thriller/character study about a Scitzophrantic socio-path.

Craig C (ca) wrote: Genre-defining film noir

Nicholas D (gb) wrote: This must not have done very well because the sequel, I Accuse Rock'N'Roll, was never filmed. Watch only if you dare. And if you have the MST3K Crew to keep you sane.

Sean Michael S (it) wrote: Its worthwhile to see another few minutes of Charlie's wonderful stage presence, but overall another boring Keystone bit.

Paul F (it) wrote: Such a beautiful telling of a horrific moment in history.