Hue and Cry

Hue and Cry

A gang of street boys foil a master crook who sends commands for robberies by cunningly altering a comic strip's wording each week, unknown to writer and printer. The first of the Ealing comedies.

When young Joe Kirby discovers that coded messages are being sent between crooks in a weekly children's magazine, he tries to alert his boss and a detective, but no one will believe him. Then he and his friends together to help him capture the crooks. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (jp) wrote: watching this movie seeing what 20 somethings go thru with dating & being single & all makes me so gr8ful my 20's where in the seventies not 2day.

scott j (fr) wrote: ok thriller...nothing great but watchable...

(ag) wrote: "A Bag of Hammers was a nice surprise. I'm not sure what I expected, but it wasn't what I got. The movie is emotionally dark. There is some humor in there as well, but the story itself is emotional, sad, and depressing. My heart ached for the characters. You don't get much information on Ben and Alan's childhood, but the pieces you do get tells a story of broken homes with abusive neglecting parents. So when Kelsey enters their lives, with his situation being similar, it's hard not see themselves in the young boy. In the scene where Lynette is in the backyard hanging her clothes on the line and she calls her son stupid and the spawn of satan, I wanted to go through the screen and beat the crap out of her. But in the end, I kinda felt sorry for her. I learned a long time ago that there are parents who are just not meant to be parents. They just don't know how to be. I think Lynette falls in this category. Unfortunately, poor Kelsey ends up with two parents who would rather not be parents and want nothing but to be rid of him. The story really grabbed at my heart strings and I thought Chandler Canterbury did an amazing job in his role. Jason Ritter is just as talented as his late father. I really enjoy his acting. I really liked Jake Sandvig in this as well. I don't know if I've seen him in anything else, I'd like to think I would remember. I liked him a lot in this. Amanda Seyfried plays a small role. But even in that small part she dominates the screen. I'm liking her the more I see her in films. If you like indie flicks then this should be something you would enjoy. Also just anohter little tidbit; The way these two, Ben and Alan, make their living isn't new, but the way they go about it is so, so, so mest up. You will have to see the movie to understand what I mean.Great movie, I would definitely see it again."

Salim M (br) wrote: Amazingly important film.

Aim M (ca) wrote: It was in need of something and have no idea what.

Alexander C (fr) wrote: Will take into consideration and maybe find to watch!

Klynn H (br) wrote: great movie :) luv it

Mr D (de) wrote: Say what you want about Steven Seagel movies what you want. But at least they don`t have Wesley Snipes doesn`t bang generic white chick in them.We had an lesbian Arab muslim terrorist in Flight of fury before, now there are nordic looking/baltic looking "muslim" terrorists in this one. Steven Seagal keeps fighting those stereotypes.

Kay D (it) wrote: Another standout in the class of best "re-watchables" of all time.

Keith E (kr) wrote: Engaging, if slight, documentary about blues fiddle/mandolin musician Howard Armstrong. Just a blast to watch and listen.

Chad D (us) wrote: tries to be artsy. fails. would have been better without dialogue.

Owen M (de) wrote: I actually really liked this movie despite the reviews from critics. Jim Carrey was great and funny. It also had a really good storyline to it.

Eric B (it) wrote: People accustomed to the later, mainstream work of Gerard Depardieu and director Barbet Schroeder will find "Maitresse" shocking. Heck, almost anyone will. This daring blend of romance and sadomasochism was originally rated X in America, and a graphic depiction of penis impaling alone justifies that classification. And would you like a gratuitous shot of a horse slaughtering as a bonus?Depardieu is Olivier, a young (thin!) slacker whose friend Mario takes him along on an implausible door-to-door job selling art books. After a sexy blonde (Bulle Ogier) calls the two inside to stop an overflowing bathtub, she happens to mention that the resident in the lower apartment is away on vacation. Given their middling sales (no surprise there), Olivier and Mario decide to rob the vacant flat.Unfortunately, they discover too late that the woman lied -- she also owns the lower apartment, and uses it as a lair for her secret work as a dominatrix. She reacts to their intrusion nonchalantly and, rather than calling the police, recruits Olivier to help humiliate one of her clients. Naturally, this collaboration can only lead to love.From there, the story explores the couple's curious relationship. Olivier does not feel threatened by girlfriend Ariane's lurid encounters -- they do not involve intercourse, and Ogier never even appears nude -- but he is bothered by all the earnings she passes to her silent partner Gautier. Eventually, his investigation of Gautier threatens to end their unconventional bond.The explicit acts of "Maitresse" are not faked. Ariane's victims are actual masochists, and the whip marks on their bodies are real. The actors reportedly enjoyed the exhibitionism of appearing on film. As for the impaling scene, just try to avoid flinching. There are nails and a block of wood. Enough said.The costumes and set decoration of "Maitresse" are a wonderful time capsule of mid-'70s chic, and Depardieu's likably boyish presence will be an eye-opener to the many Americans who can't understand his contemporary superstardom. Falling somewhere between drama and perverse comedy, this film is definitely worth a peek.

Bill M (es) wrote: as good as it gets as a portrait of courage and an anti-faschist polemic

horse c (de) wrote: How The West Was Lost

Steve G (de) wrote: Powell & Loy must always be married. One of the most powerful mral qualms. Very well written. Both sides were presented properly. The irony of this death sentence being the last thing John Dillinger saw before he died. Not the happiest ending. But the necessary one.

Joetaeb D (de) wrote: Episode 6 of the Saw franchise is surprisingly improved upon four and five story-wise, as things as made much more cohesive with a much more firm direction and hit and miss (mostly hit) acting performances. But it's still an increasingly gory film that will alienate anybody who is not familiar with the first five's nature.

Bruno V (nl) wrote: Crazy stupid funny-stuff ....Something completely different . Not wrong...