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Leo K (gb) wrote: It is stories like this that show you how fucked up humans have treated each other for thousands of years. It's only recently we have created the concept of 'human rights'. I very much recommend this movie. A++

Sean D (ru) wrote: Wasn't bad. Facebook won't show that I gave this a 4.5, anyway there's a yellow lens on top of the camera or some kind of sunlight filter added during editing that is pretty much shown at all times during the film. This was an action film unlike a lot of the other monster slasher films, I think there was no other way they could do this film since it's a bunch of killer piranhas. The film was quite exciting and the acting was slightly medicore, the plot was okay if not confusing, but like most of the other monster flicks, genetic mutations are a bitch and create a lot of inexplicable happenings.

HungYa L (ca) wrote: it is one of the best music documentary.

Arai A (ru) wrote: All in all, Cheeni Kum is a movie that should certainly be watched. The movie has one or two small sequences (though comical), which may warrant parental discretion, so decide for yourselves if you would like to take your kids along.

Stacey H (br) wrote: Very interesting portrayal of Edward Teach!

Grifty G (ru) wrote: An interesting documentary about the Republican smear campaign that started before Clinton took the oath, and culminated in his impeachment (although with anything this one-sided, you have to take everything with a grain of salt). But, its somewhat ruined by constantly cutting to old film clips that are supposed to humorously parallel what the interviewees are saying, as if they felt their target audience couldn't sit still for a straight documentary about politics. I guess its the post-Moore style now.

Fernando G (br) wrote: Worst Disney movie ever. It uses cruelty as humor for crying out loud.

Jaime L (de) wrote: Neither the "sex" nor "Lucia" are that interesting really so it is hard to be engrossed in the film but it is a good enough piece if someone likes the kind of artsy drama with coincidences an characters who are all somehow interconnected. Though I have to say that I found it distracting that for a film shot in the early 2000s that the picture quality of indoor scenes looks like a tv movie from a decade earlier...

Andrew L (au) wrote: At moments this film tries to have a brain but fails. Some fight scenes are entertaining enough but this is easily forgettable

Tiger L (es) wrote: Extremely entertaining, violent, bloody, intense & truly original.

Movie K (de) wrote: Not the comedy of Stephen Chow early works. He is in bit role only. No much action, comedy but more of romance. Max Mok is a gangster who is just out of jail, trying to go straight life. He finds work in a restaurant and got to know a bar girl Ellen Chan. One night she refuse the advance of a client and is force to strip in public. Max save her in his bike. Slowly their love blossom. They live together and some of their habits are on each other nerves. She doesn't like him bringing friends over to home and gamble. One day in the restaurant, gangster meeting. Ng Man Tat and Stephen are fighting with another gangster and Max also help out. The gang leader want peace and earn money, so he want them to apologize. Max offer tea to the gangster but can't swallow the pride. Stephen says he will back him up no matter what. Ellen want Max to cool down when the gangster humiliate him in public. Stephen is angry and left. At the carpark he beat up the drunk gangster but his head is smash by a beer bottle. Max blame himself for not helping his brother and Ellen is angry he is still so rash. Max and Ellen quarrel over a guy phone call. He saw her and one old man hug and kiss. Max chase the car and beat the man. The man says he tried to marry Ellen but she refuse to leave with him all because of Max. Ellen write a goodbye letter and disappear. Max and Stephen are caught for rioting and go to jail. Few years later, Max is now a taxi driver. He fetch Ellen as customer and she is already married with a son and he has a girlfriend. They didn't leave any bad feuds in their conversation, just old friends bumping each other..

Antony B (us) wrote: Seen it before. Great 80's chick flick.

Lester F (br) wrote: I have mixed feelings about this movie, the second half was much better than the first in my opinion. The first half was not engaging and generally unbelievable, the turning point for the movie was when Melanie Griffith got introduced. The movie is weird and has a unusual tone, a good amount of the movie is highly sexualized and the movie as a whole has a fairly artsy feel. Additionally I thought the acting (for the most part) was mediocre at best and I found the score off-putting. Visually stimulating, I really enjoyed the cinematography of this movie. Overall I thought this was worth a watch and I enjoyed the second half a lot for the most part.

Adam R (gb) wrote: (First and only viewing - 8/27/2010)

Brady G (ru) wrote: I actually enjoyed this film. well done