A Gestapo officer must find an enemy agent from the asylum.

A Gestapo officer must find an enemy agent from the asylum. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chok S (kr) wrote: sometimes funny and sometimes lame, this film is let down by uneven story, pace and cheap looking CG...with more effort and budget, this could have been much better [C]

Robbie V (br) wrote: Hideously entertaining

Philippe L (gb) wrote: I enjoyed this film very much. It has a surreal and ominous overtone to it. Jean Reno plays his usual grizzled, down and out, tougher than nails character. I was very impressed with Joceiyn Quivrin. This was my first time seeing him perform and I look forward to seeing some of his other films. I found the score really well matched with the scenes. I really enjoyed the cinematography. It reminded me of Immortel just a little with the secret government element and memory loss. Alas no odd lobster-shark hybrid creatures to make it a lock. I would recommend this movie if you enjoy a fast, sometimes confusing thriller.

maye (au) wrote: Very touching film- sensational!

MF J (it) wrote: Well after years of having it on my wish list I finally got the chance to watch this film. First of all I will salute the tremendous efforts the production managed to pull by shooting the entire film in real locations instead of recreating everything in a studio and throw CGI all the way like most modern films do. Set in France the film has some of the most amazing castle and landscapes giving the film a gorgeous cinematography and a an authenticity that I really enjoyed. Drew Barrymore and Dougray Scott are a charming couple that really has alchemy and magic on screen. Huston provides a nuanced evil stepmother who is incapable of loving Danielle due to jealousy and some ego issues. Most of the film is actually very pleasant and manages to entertain without being too corny or cheaply romantic. Here things ring true and the director really manages to steer the film in a very interesting direction. It's not the film of the millennium but I'm glad I saw it because it's an old school caper rather than a romantic comedy and felt really great to watch.

Iwona M (fr) wrote: LOVE,LOVE,LOVE FOR ALL:)

Kevin L (au) wrote: Tarantino writing is on point with this meta mix of genres.

Matt G (it) wrote: Myers, maybe more than most, makes cultural touchstones that date fairly poorly. Shrek is no different. While the plentiful puns are better and smarter here than in the other Shrek films, the adult innuendos are abundantly uncomfortable (Farquad laying shirtless in bed with picture of Fiona) and the animation is distractingly primitive. While at times it's a fun spoof of fairy tales, it just feels worthless in a world where Princess Bride exists.

Cooper C (ag) wrote: Kathleen Tumer was awesome and was perfect with dennis quadi <3 Stanley tucci

niyell m (kr) wrote: please someone give me this movie

Sean C (ag) wrote: A provocative movie from the standpoint of story, for there is none here. It is simply a full length and intelligent conversation. Its dark vision of our future as humanity (film was released in 1981) is seeming to come to fruition, despite its tone of hopeful reflection at the end. As a lover of great conversations over food, this film was pitch perfect.