Hum Do Hamare Do

Hum Do Hamare Do

From their first coincidental meeting, Anil and Arti seem made for each other. When their paths continue to cross, Arti proposes to Anil, but he humbly turns her down. Heartbroken, Arti decides to find out why. She discovers his secret obligation to care for his six siblings, which makes marriage out of the question. Smita Patil, Raj Babbar and Shoma Anand star.

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Palki G (fr) wrote: sweet and break heart movie

(es) wrote: I'm just asking, the cone heads were in the State Farm commercials, right? Haven't seen the movie, this is not a rating.

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Joel A (it) wrote: An incredibly underwhelming film that launched to the world that Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers have arrived & they are the 'IT Thing'The film itself cast Fred & Ginger as supporting roles but it became clear in filming these two are the real stars & the film ended with these two not the leads.But the film is dull, labored & very unexciting, even for fans it's a tough watch with achingly bad leads the only redemptive qualities are the great numbers by Fred & Ginger.

Private U (ru) wrote: Great Animated short!!