Hum Hain Lajawaab

Hum Hain Lajawaab

Thakur is a wealthy, principled, and punctual man, who will not tolerate anything, even music in his palatial home. Thakur's only motto in life is money, and each and every second is spent ...

Thakur is a wealthy, principled, and punctual man, who will not tolerate anything, even music in his palatial home. Thakur's only motto in life is money, and each and every second is spent ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt C (nl) wrote: This is not only not original but found footage.Basically shot the movie Blair Witch but made it about big foot.

Maureen M (ru) wrote: Ok thriller that has you guessing a little. Is picked most of the twists early on but there was a final one I hadn't picked. The only problem was I'd stopped caring by that stage because I never invested emotionally in this film.

Tyler H (it) wrote: Watchmen proves that Zack Snyder's gory and dark vision is continued on this film . The tone is quite advanced and complex to benefit the film but the somewhat confusing story gets in the way of the movie being a staple. Though this film is definitely a classic comic book movie that every comic book reader should read.

Rebecca H (gb) wrote: Christian Bale proves he can act as the childlike Bobby, but the rest of All The Little Animals is ridiculous. The plot about Bobby escaping his abusive stepfather to live with an animal-loving outcast is too heavy-handed, the characters unlikeable, the villain unbelievable and the style weird. When it's not boring or disturbing, it's unintentionally funny. Not enjoyable at all, but Bale really is very good.

Jim S (au) wrote: Very well acted, but unfortunately stagey production. It has a great script, and a marvelous soundtrack but it seems slightly dated. Overall it's fairly entertaining, and it's interesting to see Will Smith in such a different role.

Mark K (jp) wrote: It's just a monologue...and's not just a monologue. It's a journey into the troubling, and inspiring, mind of one of the 20th centuries most innovative American theatre performers. When he died a few years ago, there was a void left that hasn't been quite filled...and maybe never will be. Thank God he was able to make this movie!

Thomas K (gb) wrote: Swooningly silly. I know it's junk but I just can't resist it's siren's song.

Steve M (es) wrote: Devil Times Five (aka "Peope Toys" and "The Horrible House on the Hill") Starring: Sorrell Brooke, Gene Evans, Leif Garrett, Gail Smale, and Dawn Lyn Director: Sean McGregor A bus carrying five incurably homicidal children on their way to a high-security institution crashes, allowing them to escape. They make their way to a resort hotel where they proceed to murder just about anyone they come upon. (Not that this is necessarily a Bad Thing; those people were for the most part in need to some killin') "Devil Times Five" is a disturbing slasherflick, due to the fact that the murderers here are innocent-appearing children. It's also disturbing because the director had a real talent for staging the murder set-pieces and because some of the murders are sure to make you squirm (like the pirahna in the bathtub). This is definately one of the better "Killer Kids" movies that's been released, and it's heads-and-shoulders above the dross that is being passed off as slasherflicks in the theaters today as far as the horror factor goes. (And you can watch people getting murdered in horrible ways with almost no guilt, because the victims are mostly pretty repulsive.)

Jey A (au) wrote: I don't trust people with cowboy hats. >_>"

Matt W (fr) wrote: Just a fun B-movie. the leechecs really don't look like leeches, and the special effects are cheap, but that's the fun of a film produced by Roger Corman. Other than the two main characters, the acting is quite bad, and the dialouge doesn't help. oh well, 1959 fun.

Rasheed T (ru) wrote: Overboard, but entertaining. Sacha Baron Cohen is probably one of the bravest actors ever, playing a role that is offensive enough to get himself killed.

Shannon P (kr) wrote: Pretty basic. There was so much potential here, with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart both being comedy geniuses. Unfortunately the high hopes i had soon were demolished. Worth a watch but not as good as you'd think.