Hum Naujawan

Hum Naujawan

Following the brutal rape and subsequent death of his only child, a daughter named Priya, in the Oceanic College, Professor Hans applies for a job as Principal, and is hired. He starts his ...

Following the brutal rape and subsequent death of his only child, a daughter named Priya, in the Oceanic College, Professor Hans applies for a job as Principal, and is hired. He starts his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill B (fr) wrote: Jenny Slate knocks it out of the park with this one, which is both biting and bittersweet, hilarious and touching - well worth a look. Recommended.

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Justin B (nl) wrote: Goofy and trashy with a threadbare plot but Elvira's energetic presence helps ease the pain. There's a head scratching absence of horror satire.

Gianluca C (gb) wrote: An underrated masterpiece!

Brian B (kr) wrote: A decent 70s era TV movie that you have to search hard to find now. Better than some of the werewolf movies that are made today.

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Michael C (ag) wrote: A film not quite sure whether to be serious or over-indulgent, that suffers from this indecisiveness. It could have potentially succeeded well as either, more easily the latter, but in the end, an overall lacking of self-awareness is the downfall of this film.

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