Human Capital

Human Capital

The destinies of two families are irrevocably tied together after a cyclist is hit off the road by a jeep in the night before Christmas Eve.

The destinies of two families are irrevocably tied together after a cyclist is hit off the road by a jeep in the night before Christmas Eve. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carreh R (nl) wrote: This is a quirky dysfunctional family comedy which is different from American ones in that nothing unrealistic happens. Gorgeous people don't fall for plain people etc in this film contrary to in American films.

TheMumblelover (ca) wrote: A brilliant romantic film that is so charming and beautiful and irresistible that you come away with the love of Pablo Neruda Poetry and a bond that poetry and friendship brings you together and how the power of words can affect you and your life. Just Brilliant!

Felice t (mx) wrote: A childhood favourite.

quigs (br) wrote: Decent movie, original take on the "brought back to life" theme used in movies

John B (br) wrote: It comes as expected - great! Scorsese hones his skills in working with a young DeNiro and Harvey Keitel as we explore the New York of the 70s - the one that no longer exists but has a fertile landscape of interesting yet violent characters.

Martin T (jp) wrote: A sociopathic writer strangles his maid, and enlists his brother to help cover up the crime. TSPDT gives this noir their "highly recommended" rating, but I found it to be yet another underwhelming entry from Lang's American output. Except for a few lyrical touches, there was nothing remarkable about it. The music didn't add much, the performances were fine but not noteworthy, the pacing was a bit sluggish, the plot construction was nothing extraordinary. Louis Hayward certainly comes off like an utter bastard, but I felt that was more a function of the way the character was written than any particular talent on Hayward's part. That said, nothing about the film irritated me either, it just didn't rise far above "average" to me.

Alex B (ru) wrote: If you want the perfect example of crap, then don't look any further than this. this is the first and only Oliver Stone movie I've ever seen and after this one, I'd never want to see another one of his. It's one of those movies that are made for the masses to make them think they're getting something profound and edgy, but when examined it's just exploitative garbage that's void of any substance or profound message/commentary. It's the kind of thing you'd find on HBO, shows that have a lot of stuff going on to hide the fact that in reality nothing is going on that leads up to anything of importance. It's static formed into images with hip and cutting dialog. There was a reason why Tarantino distanced himself from this film since it's a clear bastardization of what he probably envisioned. It's too on the nose and obvious for anyone with a brain, leaving you only with the excess that its trying to pass of as a hyperbolic metaphor for society's love of the taboo. A great modern example of this would be Aronofsky's "Black Swan", or the current hit sensation Mr. Robot. It's something made for the dumb to make them feel smart. It's a philosophy lesson for idiots made by idiots. I also just have an immediate hate for Juliette Lewis's contorted face and awful voice. There isn't any way to make anything she says not sound awful and whiney. So in summation, it's like an old man trying to relate to the youth and not realising his finger isn't anywhere near anything that could resemble a pulse. With it's sophomoric philosophy lesson and excess.

Greg G (au) wrote: Definatly a movie you need to see twice to get what's going on!