Humko Deewana Kar Gaye

Humko Deewana Kar Gaye

Ravishing Jia A. Yashvardhan lives a very wealthy, though lonely, lifestyle in India with her widowed father Industrialist, A.J. Yashvardhan. In a bid to augment his business, he arranges her marriage with dynamic business tycoon, Karan Oberoi, who operates from Canada. Jia re-locates to Canada to do some shopping, and runs into a young automobile engineer, Aditya Malhotra. Both continue meeting and eventually fall in love with each other. But both are not fated to be each other's soul-mates, for Aditya is engaged to be married to "India's hottest female" Sonia Berry, while Jia will eventually marry Karan. They part and go their individual ways. Then Sonia gets an assignment with Karan, and she and Aditya get invited to his wedding. The wedding takes place with great pomp and ceremony, it is then Aditya and Jia are introduced to each other, both find that they still have feelings for each other, the same time both know that according to Hindu traditions, this marriage cannot be broken.

Ravishing Jia A. Yashvardhan lives a very wealthy, though lonely, lifestyle in India with her widowed father Industrialist, A.J. Yashvardhan. In a bid to augment his business, he arranges ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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pete 1 (kr) wrote: with the series being cancelled these two films were just finishing the two main stories they had leftcould've done with more action/firefights though

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Darick T (de) wrote: The version on the second disc of the new Seventh Seal Criterion is the same version as the Criterion full numbered release. But apparently in its native country this made for Swedish TV doc is twice as long.

J K (kr) wrote: When a movie synopsis includes details of someone buying a goat it's time to run for the hills.

James W (de) wrote: It's that time again, tonight I am reviewing the late great Lucio Fulci's strange and often confusing Aenigma.Our cast consist of teenage girls at a private all girls school. Some are bitchy and some are incredibly promiscuous with the local doctor and gym teacher.In all of this we have Kathy (Milijana Zirojevic), shes the daughter of the 'retarded' janitor. This makes her different from the other girls so much they have to pull a prank on her which lands her in a coma. Nice one.In the coma state she well I'm not sure what she does but I think she possess the new girl Eva (Lara Naszinsky, who also appeared in Lamberto Bava's A Blade In The Dark) who happens to come from a rather 'privileged' background. And then acts out her revenge upon her classmates. Her mum the janitor also has a hand in this...somehow.Visually this film is quite colourful in an Argento way, but gorehounds will be disappointed as there is very little grue in this Fulci outing.It plays out almost like a twisted Carrie. To me this is missing something that his previous films had, especially musically. This films music is often dull but does have its moments. The characters in the story are all quite dull and the acting doesn't help bring them to life either.Also the locations for this movie are very nice with marble floors and stone sculptures (which one of the unfortunate teens some how...gets attacked by).If you hadn't noticed I'm finding it incredibly hard to say anything about this I don't know what the hell was quite going on, as for the ending well I hope my fellow blogger can help me out with it.

Philip Z (us) wrote: I wanted to like this movie. Everything that you come to expect from a Coppola production seems to be here, at least, in terms of casting and production values. The music by Tom Waits, the cinematography by the legendary Vittorio Storraro, as well as the amazing set design which recreates the Vegas Strip to incredible detail. Clearly, Coppola had his heart in this project, but unfortunately, he fails to give the audience a reason to care about any of it. The story is barely there, the characters are sketchily designed, more type than person. If all you're after in your film viewing is a feeling and narrative is of secondary importance to you, you'll really enjoy this. Anyone else will be bored despite the technical beauty.

Walker F (au) wrote: This looks hilarious!

Rikk W (de) wrote: A miserable and tacky ode to all things Hot Topic with a soundtrack comprised of washed up Nu-Metal bands.

Bryan B (es) wrote: a charming rendition of the popular tale, The Borrowers. I really enjoyed it, but it is quite slow. The art direction is probably the best part.

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