Imagine your life is somewhat complete with a house, job, and wife but then your best friend from college comes knocking at your door at 2 AM. During a pot-induced hedonistic party, a plan is hatched between the two friends to create an Art Film of “two really straight men having sex.” If they only knew how much this would affect all of their lives.

Two guys take their bromance to another level when they participate in an art film project. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrei C (mx) wrote: Terminator plotline , John woo fight scenes , Chinese triads , Aliens ... Enjoyable cocktail

Shounak B (es) wrote: This film can surely establish the image of Almodovar as compassionate director as well as screenwriter towards women in our social stature almost from every angle of struggle of existence within male patriarchy.Here the main theme is about those female patients suffering comatose and their surrounding ones.The story of the Matador and her journalist lover being always unhappy for his past love-life doesnt have importance, but the journalist's character supports another story of the male nurse and the dancer patient very beautifully.Though the film touches into an extremely sensible question of the mental will of those patients during their illness in the later story, it seems that the director succeeds to make us believe about the justification of love and sexual intimacies between the nurse and a coma patient.A film based on complete unconventional structures and perspectives.

Sharon K (kr) wrote: Malkovich? Drop dead. <3

Jesse D (ag) wrote: If a normal film tells a story,this film makes you feel like you are living this film

Fred T (ru) wrote: Pretty Fuckin Solid Film! really enjoyed it when it came out, arguably Wan's best work to date! John Goodman crushes his role!! Bacon also delivers an impressive yet chilling performance!

Giem B (au) wrote: Full of fast and sudden shifts. Interesting montage. Actually it's like five separate abstracts of five different movies. "Weird people" adds up to an absurd but somehow nice movie.

Hugh J (ru) wrote: I don't like Sophia Loren. I think she's overrated even in her beauty. And I hate those kids. Except the girl. She wasn't too annoying. I especially hate that kid named Robert. What a bastard. Fucking kids ruined a Cary Grant movie.

Leon B (br) wrote: Review:After seeing who was starring in this movie, I was really looking forward to it, but once again, Woody Allen's constant babbling and silly humour just didn't work for me. The whole town is scared to leave there homes because there is a serial killer on the lose and they gather together to try and capture him. They form different gangs, who don't get along and all the way through the film, Woody Allen is completely left out of the loop. With such an intense situation, Allen's character is going around spurting out these annoying one liners which gets on everyone's nerves, including mine. On top of that, you've got the squeaky Mia Farrow whose in a troubled relationship and ends up sleeping with Cusack for loads of money. I liked the banter with the prostitutes, played by Kathy Bates, Jodie Foster and Lily Tomlin, but the storyline gets a bit weak after a while. It would have been much better if it was a whodunit because you see who the killer is, way to early in the movie. Anyway, I think it was a waste of a great cast and I personally thought that Allen and Farrow spoilt the movie. Disappointing!Round-Up:I was expecting Madonna to have a big part in this film, after seeing her face all over the poster, but she's only in one scene. You do see a few famous people along the way, like John C. Reilly and William H. Macy, but I doubt that you will notice them. Judging by the box office takings, I wasn't the only one that thought that this movie was a bit weak. Basically, for a suspense thriller, there really wasn't that much suspense or thrilling happening, so it has to get the thumbs down from me.Budget: $14millionDomestic Gross: $3million (Terrible!)I recommend this movie to people who are into there Woody Allen movies about a town of people trying to capture a serial killer. 3/10

Pavan R (kr) wrote: Works better as a spoof rather than anything else..otherwise total thrash