A wealthy industrialist and business man named Raj Singhania lives in Bombay, India. He reaches up with a music band in which Karan Malhotra is the leader and Priya is his right-hand and sweetheart. Karan finds that it is not easy to achieve one's merit. A contract made between the two for his band to sing on a crusade for Raj. He agrees to do so and later on conspire with his girlfriend Priya to take over Raj vast estate by setting up his girlfriend to marry Raj fakely. On a chance encounter one day Raj and Priya both meet, where by Raj fall head over heals in love with Priya.

Karan and Priya Share a secret Raj wants to know the secret. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nate T (es) wrote: Mildly entertaining formula fitting Chan - Knoxville teaming has a few solid gags, a couple of suspenseful scenes but ultimately doesn't amount to much. While this is one of the better Knoxville outings, it isn't one of the best Chan outings. The results are an uneven film with passible entertainment that may or may not be to all tastes. The outtakes during the end credits are great as always though.

Bruno V (us) wrote: Nothing special this one ....when they got the task to escort a Afghan woman to safety it get's a bit better

Brendan E (kr) wrote: As far as rom-com's go, this one's great with more than its share of laughs & wit. Plus flawless acting.

Patrick M (kr) wrote: This movie is an amateur effort by Roman Coppola, best known for writing last year's "Moonrise Kingdom" with Wes Anderson. Its a break up "comedy" about a graphic designer trying to get over a failed relationship.Charles Swan (Charlie Sheen) has just been left by his beautiful girlfriend, Ivana (Katheryn Winnick), and now he can't stop thinking about it. He can't recover from it and neither can he stop talking about it with his best friend (Jason Schwartzman) and his manager (Bill Murray).Its a disappointing movie, which its sad to see because of all the great actors in it put to waste. Its self indulgent, poorly directed and the dialogue is horrendous. This Woody Allen wannabe story is full of unlikable characters and is pretty much a one note character study of one of the most dull characters I've ever seen. I didn't believe Charlie Sheen's performance for one bit, I think he's even got a chance at a Razzie award for it.There seems to be a song in every single scene, what they don't know is that music adds to a character, but it doesn't create one. The movie would've been better off as a music video.I hope Bill Murray sticks to Wes Anderson films. Oh! and that ending. Ugh.

Anthony I (nl) wrote: Over the course of this short film, I fell in love with it. A story of rebellion, and heartbreak between one little boy, his father and his bike. It is awesomely filmed. I loved so many little sections of this film, such as the long bike ride in the dark, as well as the final scene which had me glued to the screen in shock. Foreign films don't get better.

Blair G (us) wrote: Some really great dialogue and conversations with a great message and a decent story. Overall, a decent Christian film. 4/5.

rhiannon p (kr) wrote: it was cool, i liked it very nice , i like kristen as an actress. :)

Fabian R (ag) wrote: best apocalyptic movie I have seen, although it is not biblically accurate...

Private U (kr) wrote: Great movie. The twist of bad cop and good theft.

Junie M (kr) wrote: Romantic and witty! Judy Davis as George Sand is truly remarkable. Hugh Grant as Chopin is adorable. Lovely film.

Juanita H (fr) wrote: need to see this movie

Tatsuhito K (br) wrote: An audacious but ultimately uneven religious satire. It lost me a couple times and sometimes Smith's trademark humor didn't quite mash together with the central themes of the film, but I think the performances are really good (especially Damon and Affleck), and it did make me laugh more than a few times. Dogma is not one of Smith's best work, but it still is a fun movie to watch.

Heather A (ca) wrote: I like that they wear the school uniform they don't look like muggles and they are more to the books

Orlok W (nl) wrote: The Prodigal son returns with the Wake-Up call & he's going to deliver it in the Old-Fashioned ALAMO way...It's all about the message--you have to admit most of what he is saying is true, bold and thought provoking... Fight Club Revisited!!