A comedy centered around three people who each have a lookalike of a lookalike, all with the same name.

A comedy centered around three people who each have a lookalike of a lookalike, all with the same name. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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jamal h (it) wrote: Don't listen to the bad reviews. A certain set of expectations should be had entering any film experience. If you walked into "the man with the iron fists"expecting to watch a tarantino movie no doubt you found disappointment. "legend of the fist" is a phenomenal martial arts film. Also a crafty extension of bruce lee and jet li's takes of chen zhen and the jing wu school. Donnie yen carries amazing fight philosophy and matches it with interesting narratives about the history of china.a must see for any true fan of this genre. Period.

Campbell P (ru) wrote: I grew up reading the Wimpy kid books and I think it matched the books pretty well. It's about Greg Heffley and his middle school struggles and the wacky encounters he has there. While this is a good adapted screenplay the movie itself is not great. For one thing the acting is not great. Greg and the parents were pretty alright but everyone else barely tried I felt. There were really unnecessary special effects too that were really obnoxious actually. There's a scene with a snowy background but it's a painfully obvious green screen and just stuff like that. Some of the jokes also felt really forced since this is adapted from a book and it was almost like they felt they HAD to have the same joke. There were some really awkward jokes in there that were really cringeworthy actually and it really fell flat sometimes. A parent can go into this movie and enjoy it for sure, it's pretty entertaining sometimes but kids will most likely really dig it. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a slightly above average kids movie that stays faithful to its source material. C+

Sultana B (ca) wrote: awesome movie, made me cry!!

Jap O (us) wrote: Mungkin beginilah karate yang sebenarnya. Cepat dan mematikan.

Andrew H (us) wrote: Pretty decent monster movie. I would have liked more monsters and less Jack Brooks though.

Sarah P (gb) wrote: Compelling evidence that monopolies once again exist outside both the knowledge and benefit of the consumer. Interesting fear tactics used to scare viewers into action, but I can't help but wonder what the opposing perspective provides. Regardless, biotechnology is not power that any capitalist person, company, or government should have.

Leo L (es) wrote: An interesting movie about a guy who finds love after having his heart broken by another. Great cast- David Krumholtz, Milla Jovovich, and Jessica Cauffield. Great music! Great laughter! Definitely worthy.

Eliabeth C (au) wrote: Classic! This movie is hilarious. It was in a friends video cabinet and I just popped it in to check it out. We were laughing so loud, I woke up my child. You have to see this. So funny!

Rachelle R (kr) wrote: Brilliant production . Attention to the littlest details.

Corey B (fr) wrote: Interesting movie about the times of the 70s, nothing much has changed, except there are no hippies at least not too many and even then they have as much sense as the parents these days, a movie that teaches is no one has any real sense.

Paul D (nl) wrote: Elvis is a rebel with a cause, although there's not too much conviction in the 'rebel' character who finds love at the carnival.

jarrad b (jp) wrote: A really good flick that surprised me. The characters while generic all had little moments that played on their individual traits. The ending was good and it surprised me a fair bit.

John R (br) wrote: 110626: This film was fun. Made me laugh and had a happy ending. What more could you ask for?

Brad G (br) wrote: A clan of miniature gremlins (of the fuzzy Twilight Zone variety) terrorize Kim Darby as she tries to renovate her new "Old Dark House." Some interesting concepts, but the film works better as a blueprint to the much superior 2011 remake. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark or sinister whispering. VF.

Jayakrishnan R (gb) wrote: 85%Saw this on 26/5/15Jacob's Ladder is a finely crafted engaging film with fine performances but it's got a cowardly ending which irritates me a lot and this is just why Adrian Lyne is no Oliver Stone. It's last scene is unnecessary and it fails of give the film a conclusive explanation. What's this film like? it's like a dark crossover of Stay(2005) and Mr Nobody(2009).

Tengku Z (nl) wrote: Hard to find really good war movies lately and this one definitely filled that gap, especially when it's also based on a true event.

Holly C (es) wrote: Simply charming and adorable! Loved it!

Tiffany R (fr) wrote: This was a good teen comedy

Christian C (nl) wrote: An insult to Native Americans. In this film, you may find yourself rooting for the Imperial forces of Japan to kill Nicholas Cage and put an end to our suffering.