Hungama Bombay Ishtyle

Hungama Bombay Ishtyle


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Robert L (br) wrote: Silly typical disney movie.

Andrew O (ag) wrote: Decadent and fun, most importantly full of beautiful people and psychedelic, I suppose I have watched this better than average Araki flick 5 or 10 times on cable TV... because it reminds me of lost days. James Duval and his girlfriend both hotties.

Lacy A (it) wrote: Corny as it is....who wouldnt want a stylish girl scout leader

Jeremy A (es) wrote: the opening, in the prison, and the accompanying song almost seem reminiscent of leningrad cowboys. the best parts are the cartoony aspects: the backdrop paintings, 3 backup singers who just mysteriously appear... it really does feel playfully surreal at times. unfortunately, whoever put this dvd out did not translate the songs! there's around 5 songs and they appear to be worked into the plot, but i can't really say.

Joanna B (us) wrote: Inspired by Channing Tatum's own career trajectory as an eighteen-year-old exotic dancer,Magic Mike is a unique combination of salacious stripping, boy-meets-girl romance and monumentto narcissistic indulgence.Jarring the dressing room door open is ever versatile director Steve Soderberg. Starting light and getting progressively darker, his signature unique camera angles slyly deliver sex, illusion, comedy and drama. The well-staged dance routines and concept bring the best out of his actors but sadly the film as a whole feels somewhat disjointed and incomplete.By day, Mike (Channing Tatum) is a builders' laborer, pet groomer and one-of-a-kind furniture marker; but by night 'Magic' Mike's entrepreneurial skills really shine -much like his well-oiled body,supplementing his income as the headline stripper for Tampa Florida's flagship hot-spot, Xquisite.Charismatic still-got-it forty-something club compere, Dallas (Matthew McConaughey) is hisfast-talking boss that turns sleaze into an art form.Retired from the stage, he constantly reiterates his plans to take his marginally successfully show toMiami big-time with the help of Main Man Mike and his uncanny ability to attract the ladies.Although he would prefer to hand over his hard earned $13,000 to the bank as collateral to pursuehis carpentry creating dreams, he can't walk away from the endless supply of cash, drugs and drunken women who hurl themselves in his direction.Whilst at one of his many day jobs, Mike meets naive 19-year-old college-drop-out Adam (AlexPettyfer). When the transient Adam once again stuffs-up a chance at keeping a job, Mike takes himfor a drink at a local nightclub. Whilst chatting up young girls over shots, Mike hands them apromotional flyer for Club X, promising an outrageous night for their 21st birthday celebrations.Although initially shocked by Mike's professional disclosure, the impressionable Adam tags along for the night's escapades. Under duress from Mike, Dallas concedes to giving Adam - derisorily nicknamed 'the kid' - a trial job in props. Introductions to Mikes fellow dancers; Big Dick Richie, Ken, Tito and Tarzan (Joe Channing Tatum stars as 'Magic' Mike Martingano and Matthew McConaughey stars as Dallas in Magic Mike.Manganiello, Matt Bomer, Adam Rodriguez, Kevin Nash) each with their own unique set of talents proves the job might be somewhat inappropriate. But when Tarzan's act flops last minute, inspiration strikes and Mike convinces 'The kid' to take to the stage. His awkwardly shy, first-timer innocence is an instant hit with an eager audience of screaming ladies; desperate to shove handfuls of dollar bills into his saggy everyday underwear. They love it; and so does Dallas realizing he has found the missing piece for his destined-to-be famous floorshow.Adam quickly embraces his new lifestyle; however, his protective levelheaded sister Brooke (Cody Horn) disapproves of it and Mike. Undeterred, Adam plunges head long into the industry and everything it entails from flag baring G-strings to designer drugs. But can Adam handle the industry? Will Mike achieve his real goal to make furniture? Will Alex or Brooke derail his plans?Making money whilst shaking your tackle at women may seem demeaning, but according to Magic Mike and friends, it is also an ultimately gratifying career choice and a lovely perve for the rest of us. The cast is jammed full of sculpted buff Lotharios dancing and gyrating through the first mainstream male stripper flick since 1997's The Fully Monty with exotic entertaining easy.Tatum literally reveals himself to be a true leading man, a future standout from the new Hollywood acting crop as both dramatic and funny; and boy can he dance. Kevin Bacon would be proud.The perfect actor for this role as a swaggering show-business sleaze; McConaughey hypnotically and salaciously strokes his way into the female physic in this mouth-wateringly and self-spoofing performance. Taunting the club goers and movie goers alike, "Can you touch this? No! No! No!" the entire cinema sighs in disappointment.Although Pettyfer looks the part, he doesn't have the chemistry for the role or with his fellow actors and Manganiello and Bomer never really get enough camera time to engage. Horn however is wonderful, providing not only the voice of reason but a grounded and palpable chemistry with Tatum.The choreography, costumes and production looks as slick and professional as its leads. The body work of the living, breathing sex machines is enough to help any modern woman vent her post-work frustrations even if the story is less than realistic or convincing. This is a definite tune out piece and nothing more, do not try to uncover meaning or depth, it is all spelt out in lowly monosyllabic words.The Verdict: Although the female targeted titillation never quite reaches a satisfactory climax, there are some wonderfully orgasmic moments to be had.Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 03/08/2012

Michael S (nl) wrote: This low budget movie humorously shows the greed and negligence behind the pharmaceutical industry. A little slow at first but once the movie speeds up, it's not bad.

Matt G (ru) wrote: Tati is back with his sweethearted, nave, doofus of a character Monsieur Hulot to pinpoint the silliness of stuffy upper-society. While the staged physical comedy that he perfected in Mr. Hulot's Holiday is still in full display, his camera's eye has grown immensely, clearly influencing the likes of Wes Anderson. A cozy and beautiful little slapstick comedy.