In 1890, Pontus, the starving writer, wanders the streets of Christiania, in search of love and a chance to get his work published. All he meets is defeat and suffering while his sense of reality is withering. One moment he is delighted and the next he curses everybody. All the time he manages to maintain human dignity and pride.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:112 minutes
  • Release:1966
  • Language:Danish,Swedish,Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,   cannon,   artist,  

In 1890, Pontus, the starving writer, wanders the streets of Christiania, in search of love and a chance to get his work published. All he meets is defeat and suffering while his sense of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nishit K (us) wrote: fantastic acting, and to take out those moments between the characters to be cherished when the situation is not so helpful certainly shows the directorial capabilities of Chen for which he should get plenty of accolades. One of the nicest movies based on relationships, especially the one between jaile and terry and how the bitter enmity between the two turns into a friendship of unexplained serenity.

Conrad S (es) wrote: This film isn't juts for lovers of photography, or even lovers of art. This documentary is the tale of a real life mystery, a character study of somebody so talented yet so reclusive. It documents the little known life of Vivian Maier, a skilled photographer disguised as a Nanny. The creator of this documentary, John Maloof, buys some photo negatives at an auction, just to realise that they are masterfully crafted. He finds an address and phone number, contacts the person, and finds out Maier died a year or two before. From there he continues to discover all she owned, the different tellings from all people who knew her, and her secretive nature. Discovering both great and terrible things about a person that seems to be shrouded in mystery is truly fascinating. The people involve all tell very different stories, give very different names, and very different histories. This documentary is a blast for anyone, due to the flow of the mystery. You want answers. Sometimes you don't get them. The tale is surprisingly straightforward for such a huge mystery, which allows an easy watch. The artwork is wonderful, and all those who are interviewed have something to say. The only real problem I have is the obsessive and sometimes over-determined nature of our lead, as it constantly feels like an invasion of privacy. Other than that a wonderful film and a wonderful mystery.

Brotherap G (mx) wrote: The movie suspiciously is no where near being entertaining beyond a B or C status movie, and makes one wonder why the financial effort at all. But then maybe it's in the name "Serpent Rising" which happens to be almost the same name "Serpents Rising" since 1999 of a notably provocative documentary revealing the corruption that led sworn officers of the LAPD and LADA's office to conceal exculpatory evidence in the OJ Simpson murder case that could have exonerated Simpson from the beginning. Can you say HUHM!!! Something wrong here!!!

Abel D (mx) wrote: Shambolic and often incoherent, Manns daughter clearly proves talent isnt genetic. A shame as despite decent performances, poor camera work and muddled writing completely sink it.

QT C (us) wrote: Similar to Kung Fu Hustle but still funny to watch, and I would watch it again. I also want to see Kung Fu Honeymoon but not sure if it's available over here.

Laila F (gb) wrote: Now this shit is kak freaky lmimp but kwaai

Julian D (es) wrote: Seul point negatif a ce film : ne pas mettre en scene un grand acteur charismatique (peut etre pas Andy Lau, il n'y a aucun role pour lui dans ce film, mais je penserais a Gordon Lam).

Peter L (us) wrote: My Rating: 3.5/5 stars; Grade: B; Gesture: One Thumb Up; Status: Somewhat Good (Fresh); Emoticon: :-}.

James O (fr) wrote: Unflinchingly sincere tale of an alcoholic's selfishness and a hooker's desperation forging an unlikely relationship founded on acceptance. Includes surely the most bizarrely transcendent sex scene in cinema. A brutal tale brilliantly depicted.

Peter L (de) wrote: A stunning masterpiece from the Bergman of Japan.

Private U (nl) wrote: Har ikke sett enda..

Kevin R (ru) wrote: You'd sell out your best buddy for a little kissy? In 19th century Hong Kong, Great Brittan runs the city but their export and trade business suffers at the hands of pirates. There is a power struggle in the city to determine what is more important, policing the streets or policing the seas. Mi Yong, as a member of the coast guard, decides to take matters in his own hands rather than waiting for the government to allocate resources and assign his colleagues help. "Password." "It's beat me." "Idiot. What kind of password is that?" Jackie Chan (Who Am I, Police Story 1 & 2, and Project A 2) wrote, directed, choreographed, and stars in this picture, Project A. The storyline for this picture is fairly standard for the martial arts genre but adds a nice twist of pirate and ocean sequences. The action scenes were excellent and Chan, Yuen Biao, and Sammo Hung deliver remarkable performances. "You have two choices, say you're sorry or..." My wife DVR'd this picture because we are huge fans of the martial arts genre (without being huge Jackie Chan fans). This movie was very entertaining and definitely worth a viewing. There were some clever lines and dialogue sequences and the action sequences are excellent. This movie is definitely worth your time if you are a fan of the genre. "Have you forgot how to salute like a man?" Grade: B

Taylor B (kr) wrote: Out of all the Disney films I have seen over the years, Tangled is right up there in the top 5 favorite films. This film pulled me in very quickly because it had a very interesting plot line and story. The cast selected for Tangled was excellent because each voice fit the characters perfectly and each song was enjoyable to listen to. Alan Menken will go down as a Disney Music Legend for creating memorable songs! Each character was likeable including Rapunzel who was my favorite. I can watch this film over and over again and never become bored of it because it keeps you awake.