The story of Bobby Sands, the IRA member who led the 1981 hunger strike in which Republican prisoners tried to win political status. It dramatises events in the Maze prison in the six weeks prior to Sands’ death.

Hunger follows life in the Maze Prison, Northern Ireland with an interpretation of the highly emotive events surrounding the 1981 IRA Hunger Strike, led by Bobby Sands. With an epic eye for detail, the film provides a timely exploration of what happens when body and mind are pushed to the uttermost limit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alejandro M (ca) wrote: la critica la trato muy bien, a mi me parecio simple.

Auli H (ru) wrote: Amazing. Sean Penn was just brilliant as Cheyenne!

Garwin S (gb) wrote: Pretty average movie depicting the round up of the Parisienne Jews to the notorious V (C)lodrome d'Hiver and subsequently to the death camps. It's main interest lies in its balanced portrayal of the attitudes of sympathetic Frenchmen vs the collaborators who carried out the Nazis' dictates, as well as the planning and negotiating that went on behind the scenes between the Vichy government and Hitler's demands in meeting the right quotas.

Leah P (ru) wrote: Sweet, sweet movie, Emily Mortimer is beautiful as always, and Gerard Butler reminds all of us girls why we fell in love with him to begin with!

Juan M (nl) wrote: wow that trailer looks horrible..the movie better not suck haha

Rodri C (kr) wrote: entretenida, no es "la historia" pero se deja seguir.

Jonathan K (ca) wrote: A fantastic dramatization of the early years of AIDS.

David S (us) wrote: Maybe they didn't see Fred Ward as an action/adventure star and that's why Remo Williams was never well heard of. He wasn't the Harrison Ford of the early 80's as they probably hoped for. But really, the movie works on various levels; it's action packed, thrilling, funny. Ward does pretty well as the action hero. And Chiun was downright awesome. Some of the movie is cheesy and poorly-acted, but there's a lot of really funny moments and exciting action that makes Remo Williams a hidden gem for people interested in early 80's action movies.

Jens T (br) wrote: Places in the Heart is set during the great depression where the Texan housewife, Edna Spalding (Sally Field) has become a widow after her husband was accidentally shot by a drunk african-american boy. The banks tells Edna that without her husbands incomes she not gonna be able to pay the yearly mortgage for the house, and that her only choice is to sell the house. But then an african-american drifter named Moze (Danny Glover) ask for a job, and even tells Edna that the whole property is that big that it could easily grow enough cotton to pay of her mortgage. She realize that this is her only option, although the bank warns her that it's a big risk, and that she can loose everything.I though Places in the Heart was a good film, with a lot of great acting, specially from Sally Field who won her second Academy Award, which was well deserved. Another great cast includes Danny Glover, and John Malkovich making his debut here, were he plays the blind world war I veteran, Mr. Will. What an amazing performance. The story is also good sweet story, but I which that the focus who'd be more on Edna's problems instead of the subplot involving Edna's sister's husband, Wayne Lomax's (Ed Harris) affair with another married woman. It's seems so unrelevant to the main plot. But overall it's a good stable film with good performances. Thumbs up.

Christopher H (fr) wrote: was very bored with it

Vincent T (gb) wrote: "Miracle sur la 8eme rue"Wow !! Je n'avais pas revu ce film depuis sa diffusion sur Canal+ a l'epoque. Produit par Steven Spielberg, K.Kennedy, F.Marshall, musique de James Horner, ce petit film est le genre de film qui rend heureux. Et malgre les annees, il n'a pas pris une ride.