Hungry Hearts

Hungry Hearts

The relationship of a couple who meet by chance in New York City is put to the test when they encounter a life or death circumstance.

The relationship of a couple who meet by chance in New York City is put to the test when they encounter a life or death circumstance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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solidity q (fr) wrote: Like a car wreck you can't turn away from with a surprising ending that's deeply gratifying.

shonna h (es) wrote: unique movie, interesting

intuciic (ca) wrote: sooooooo stupid and boring

Yo L (au) wrote: A great movie! Definitely worth seeing if you have the time.

WS W (fr) wrote: By turning a 'love story' into a thriller.Why not?The thing is, it's also rather disturbing to watch, for Alba Rohrwacher's character in particular.

Tiago C (ru) wrote: Um filme estranho e com mudanas bruscas.

Spencer S (br) wrote: "Hungry Hearts" is a completely Italian film. The director is Saverio Costanza, a director who has formally only worked on Italian ventures. The screenplay was based on a book of the same name by Marco Franzoso. The film was repeatedly nominated for Italian awards, including winning the Volpi Cup at the Venice Film festival, for both Best Actor and Actress respectively. The film feels tense throughout, echoing some bits of Italian neorealism, as well as the European art-cinema of the fifties and sixties. It speaks to the realism of mothers who try their best, but in the end do badly by their children, and the horror of a father's powerlessness in the face of the family courts. If you watch this film for any one reason, let it be the eerie feeling of moody tension between the two leads throughout the film. It starts very innocently, having our two leads engage in a meet cute that is anything but, while trapped in a Chinese restaurant's bathroom. We watch their relationship progress throughout the film, from courtship, to sex, to marriage, and finally the birth of their son. Throughout her pregnancy Mina (Rohrwacher) is upset about the fate of her child. A psychic tells her she is having an Indigo Child and she believes it. She worries for the fate of the infant, and seemingly knows more than everyone, though everyone tells her she could be endangering the child's life. It's a very edgy movie, from beginning to end, culminating in tragedy.The performances themselves are good. Rohrwacher is chillingly gaunt and timid throughout, and her calm demeanor often makes you uneasy. Driver has a strange sincerity and truth in his turn as the father, both frightened for the well-being of his son, and of his wife, and the power she exerts in their relationship. Though the characters themselves don't always say and do interesting things, they stand, or move in such alien, interesting ways that your eye watches them more often than not. Though there's a dominant theme of motherly love turned vile, the ending leaves things weirdly unsaid and tangled. It's unclear exactly what was going on with Mina, and what her psychiatric diagnosis might be. Not to give anything away, but things are left open ended, which doesn't feel right when the entire film seems to be building towards something greater than itself. Overall it's a good social problem film, because it speaks to the lack of legal rights that fathers have for their own children, but it doesn't do a decent job of being a psychological thriller, or mystery. If this was more geared towards being a character study of Mina, and her strange past, I think it would have strengthened the ending.

Shereen G (br) wrote: I thought that this was an amazing film. It starts off very sweet but then suddenly becomes very dark unusual. It's very intense and there were points where my heart was going to break. The camera angles were also unusual but in a good way. The only peaks that I had with this was that at some times, the plot wasn't very clear so it would be hard to understand what was going on.

Shantel D (kr) wrote: Good, but not a movie with any re-watchability (not really a word, but whatever). This is a good one to watch, it really shows how pregnancy/motherhood does not always end well. Some REALLY need counseling afterwards. Adam Driver is always great, too.

Sarah H (kr) wrote: Hard to watch at times. But intriguing & good acting. Ending was so good!!. #netflix #feedhim #motherslove

Rotimer J (us) wrote: Pretty goddamn bad, but we got a few chuckles out it.

Narae P (mx) wrote: Don't do this to yourself.Pure cringefest.

Matthew S (gb) wrote: Saverio Costanzo's Hungry Hearts is an intense film about a husband's slow realization that his wife's "alternative parenting" choices for their newborn son goes too far and enters the realm of insanity. The talent and style of the production is quite good. To be honest, I'm unable to logically state that there were any significant flaws with the exception of Costanzo's intent. The assessment and assigning of rating for this film presents a challenge. At what point does human horror or psychological study cross the line of "intense realism" and step into "bleak cinematic torture"? That's a very subjective and intimate call better left to the individual viewer. I'm less likely to enjoy a film that exists simply to entertain me as one that challenges me to think, experience and gain different perspectives. I'm not afraid of a film that explore the darker corners of the human experience or mind. In fact, I appreciate film art that applies reality and intensity. But Saverio Costanzo's film was too real and grim for even me.

Martine G (mx) wrote: Fantastic acting and photography -- and a subject that is worth exploring.

Lori B B (ca) wrote: Wonderful movie! I would highly recommend this movie to anyone interested in sports or autism. It will warm your heart and open your eyes.

Leslie G (mx) wrote: This is a beautifully filmed and acted depiction of what, unfortunately adds up to a MRA/pro-commercial food propaganda film.

Lee P (it) wrote: I thought it was spooky and unpredictable.

Lee M (au) wrote: Taut drama about extreme parenting choices taken too far.


Kevin P (ru) wrote: Een complexe psychologische thriller die je de duidelijk vraag doet stellen wie nu juist goed en slecht kunnen zijn in het opvoeden van een jonge baby. Dit wordt gedragen door uitmuntende prestaties van Adam Driver en de Italiaanse Alba Rohrwacher !