Hunt the Man Down

Hunt the Man Down

Lawyer uncovers secrets behind a 12-year-old murder case.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:69 minutes
  • Release:1950
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   courtroom,  

The suspect in a 12-year-old murder case is finally caught and tried, but the witnesses are a bit hard to track down... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ralph E (ca) wrote: Very creative, original and well-done take on zombies. The star of the movie, little zombie girl, is just so awesome.

Amanda V (gb) wrote: This is my favorite love story because it is about making mistakes, and finding the perfection in the imperfections of life and love.

Richard S (ru) wrote: I agree that it's sad to see such a stellar cast produce less than stellar results, but I had another take on it. In short, it was a perfect Woody Allen Movie from his first phase. I was so surprised that there was no mention of Mr. Allen in anything connected with the film, considering that the direct6ion, the production values, the setting choices and the camera work were so derivative of Woody Allen's early work. I was sure it was supposed to be an homage. Unless the humor is very dark and self-deprecating, stories of the well-heeled deeply suffering from ennui and self-absorption can become too self-indulgent for most viewers, but in the light of the WA comparison, I could enjoy the film a little.

Laura A (es) wrote: Tout fait difffrent de son premier volet et a me plait ;)

Rangan R (mx) wrote: Out of the force, Jesse still manages to do his usual job.I am already on the sixth film in the Jesse Stone series. Once again the film was not based on any book, but original characters from Robert B. Parker's novel. Very interesting opening credit, because that's the clips from a big city. So it leaves an impression that the tale has shifted its base to another town, but that's not entirely true. Yes, it is different from the previous ones, since Jesse's role slightly changed after what happened in the last film. Also a better film after the recent downfall, still not that great, but anyway, Jesse Stone fans will enjoy it.There's a murder in the opening which was shown to us, but who was behind it remains a mystery, because that's the story of this film to reveal. So the one murder becomes two and followed by another, Jesse, who is now not in the force gets a chance to involve on it indirectly. Besides, the film not to focus on just one case, but multiple like the usual and that's the Jesse Stone series' special. With those layers, how it was developed and ended was smartly done.Jesse's old boss is out of the prison and he lends some help on something to him. I surprised for the return of Mae Whitman, she's different and played a quite interesting part. I'm also happy for mentioning the Reggie in the film, so far he was unnoticed, but gets a slight recognition here. Finally the mysterious ex-wife's torture ends with this sequel; I believe that's what I saw. Besides, Jesse got a cell phone and there's a series of jokes regarding sharing the number, only minor ones."Jealousy's a powerful thing."Still the same director, and he did a good job. Besides appearing in the lead, Tom Selleck also penned the story for this with another writer. They really did write a nice screenplay, even it could have been adapted for the big screen. So, for the television standard, it is a much better film. The sad part is the original writer, Robert B. Parker's unexpected death during before this film came out. So there's a mention at the end of the film with respect. His contribution must be appreciated, now there are many Jesse Stone fans out there after this series came out and I hope it continues for another decade. Since the Jesse's absent in the force, his colleagues had taken some serious steps to fight the crime in Paradise. Particularly Luther has taken the charge of the force, and with Rose, only they two are the ones left in the station. On the other hand, they're facing a threat from the town council that they might be disbanded if their work or the result does not meet the target. So that's why this tale becomes so exciting, because they try their best to keep their jobs, but only the follow-up film would disclose about how it all shapes up.Regarding the murders, the suspense was good, but also gives some hints for the viewers to have their opinion on the suspect. So the end was not bad or its simple twist. After what happened in this story, I'm curious where the next one would take us. Particularly, I'm eager to know Jesse's journey, whether he returns to Paradise or set to work for his boss at the Boston.Anyway, this film was a turning point for sure; many unexpected things might going to happen in the remaining films. In the those remaining three films, I expect at least one of it would end as the best in the series. So can't wait for those ones to watch and let me meet you with the next review in a couple of days.7/10

Christina E (nl) wrote: What is with the pick axe machine? Those scenes totally took me out of the film. The axes were coming from different directions, not from one machine like they would have you believe. Aside from that, Crispin's character was awful and needed a lot of research on mental disorders to make it interesting instead of annoying.

Marc S (kr) wrote: Excellent film about drug-dealing.Very depressing,but one to watch.

Courtney T (ru) wrote: I'll give anything with Gary Oldman a chance.

Jenn M (de) wrote: I loved this movie as a child but watching it as an adult is just wow. brutal! This isn't supposed to be an awesome movie, this was made for younger kids and in that sense, it's pretty good but watching it as a parent Noe, it's agony

Jim H (au) wrote: Four English ladies rent an Italian villa.The biggest surprise about Enchanted April is that it's not a Merchant/Ivory production. It has all the trappings of such a film with it's understated, often-quotidian conflicts and its focus on setting to provide thematic mood. It's A Room with a View. While I liked A Room with a View, I recognized that the quotidian conflicts don't always provide the matter for compelling drama; the same is true for Enchanted April.The performances by all the actresses are strong, but I was particularly "enchanted" by Polly Walker as the free-spirited Lady Caroline.Overall, if you like Merchant/Ivory's films, then you'll like this film because the differences between these films is negligible.The performances by all the actresses are

Kristin L (jp) wrote: Humor er ikke Wam og Vennerds sterke side.

Jason B (us) wrote: Even paced Western from Clint Eastwood, yet the writing leaves little to be desired to make this movie more powerful than average.

George D (au) wrote: "bad cop" noir classic by Otto Prminger; starring tight-lipped Dana Andrews and the angelic Gene Tierney

Alex F (ag) wrote: More drama than noir but with fantastic characters. Filmed on location with superb scenes of San Francisco and its wholesale fruit market. A tale of revenge. Simply delicious.