Hunter Prey

Hunter Prey

The Prometheus has dropped out of orbit. Communications and life support systems are down. Situation Critical: Status of Crew and Prisoner unknown. With orders to catch their Alien Prisoner...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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The Prometheus has dropped out of orbit. Communications and life support systems are down. Situation Critical: Status of Crew and Prisoner unknown. With orders to catch their Alien Prisoner... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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TheIan E (ag) wrote: My favourite Seagal film it's fun, exciting and stupid everything an 80's action flick should be great late night viewing

Keith C (fr) wrote: Fairly fun trash with a rudimentary story, abysmal performances, terrific special effects, and some surprisingly sharp editing. Worth a watch if you love monsters as much as I do.

Dann M (br) wrote: Blood's in the water and Universal strikes with the highly anticipated sequel Jaws 2. The story continues with another rogue shark plaguing the island community of Amity, but this time Police Chief Body stands alone as the town counsel refuse to acknowledge that a shark is responsible for a recent string of deaths and missing persons. Unfortunately the writing isn't that good; the shark is portrayed as some sort of psychotic killer, and there are too many characters to follow (mostly teens who are all pretty indistinguishable). In fact the film plays a lot like a teen horror film, with a bunch of horny teenagers running around, chased by a bloodthirsty shark. Still, director Jeannot Szwarc does a pretty good job at making the action scenes intense and exciting. It pales in comparison to the original, but Jaws 2 is a decent enough thriller.

Robert B (kr) wrote: Ochazuke no Aji (The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice) (Yasujiro Ozu, 1952)I'm not sure it's possible to argue that Yasujiro Ozu was not, during his long and prolific career, one of the world's finest filmmakers. (I'm not sure anyone has ever tried. But still.) At least one professional critic ranks an Ozu film, Tokyo Monogatari, as the best movie ever made. The critical consensus as They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? lists ten of Ozu's films in the thousand best ever made as of the 2013 list (The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice is not one of them. Neither is Record of a Tenement Gentleman, for my money Ozu's finest moment; it sits at #12 on my own thousand-best list as of December 2013, while The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice languishes, relatively, at #307). To put that into perspective, Scorsese has nine entries on that list, Welles and Truffaut eight, Spielberg and Tarkovsky seven; the only directors represented more often are Bunuel, John Ford, Godard, Bergman, and Fritz Lang. (Akira Kurosawa also has ten on the list.) This guy, he's good. Of course, he also churned out movies like Merzbow churns out CDs, and there are any number of nooks and crannies where a film geek can get lost in the Ozu canon; there may be no one alive who's seen every movie the guy ever made. I got the chance to catch two of Ozu's "minor" films, this and A Hen in the Wind, at the Cleveland Cinematheque, the only two I've had a chance to see on the big screen so far. A Hen in the Wind is good; The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice is great.There are two parallel storylines going on here. The first concerns an older couple, Mokichi (Late Autumn's Shin Saburi) and Taeko (Lake of Tears' Michyo Kogure). They have reached middle age and, simply, are starting to get on one anothers' nerves. Mokichi, a salaryman with a stable if not massive company, is often sent on long business trips, and years for the simple life of his youth, while Taeko is suffering a midlife crisis and years for action. Along with this is the story of their niece Setsuko (The Seven Samurai's Keiko Tsushima), who is rebelling against the Japanese tradition of arranged marriage through a series of elaborately-staged reasons for begging off arranged dates-until one time where she simply doesn't show up. Now, reading that synopsis, if this were an American film, you would know exactly what to expect, especially given the first extended sequence, where Taeko concocts an elaborate lie (involving Setsuko) in order to go on a spa weekend with some friends; the two women would bond over their shared rebellion blah blah blah. Ozu, who co-wrote, goes you one better: Setsuko runs into Mokichi, the two of them go off and play pachinko together, and they form a bond (as well as Setsuko meeting Michiko's co-worker Noboru (Kji Tsuruta, of the Red Peony Gambler franchise), who's quite the hunk.I'm not sure I've ever seen an Ozu film that one could describe as a comedy; A Hen in the Wind and Record of a Tenement Gentleman come closest, but there are small touches of humor in every Ozu film, even the saddest. The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice, on that number line, struck me as being on the more comedic side; there were moments when the audience laughed out loud. Not many, mind you, but there is a lighter feel to this than, say, Tokyo Story or Late Spring. And for the love of geishas, the cinematography in this thing. I just sat there gape-mouthed during a couple of shots in the opening titles (pay attention to where Ozu puts the camera in relation to buildings; this becomes a motif throughout the film, though it is never as up-front as it is during the first few moments, and it's kind of genius). Ozu's films are usually beautiful, even when they're supposed to be grimy (think Floating Weeds here), but a couple of shots here really knocked me for a loop-this is Apichatpong Weerasethakul-level stuff decades before that guy was even born. I opened the review saying it, and I will close the same way: this is a great film, all too rarely screened these days. Definitely go ahead and rent it, but if you get a chance to catch it on the big screen, it's the rare domestic drama that plays out even better when you have a massive screen to take in all the wonderful stuff Ozu is doing with a camera. ****

Wesley W (gb) wrote: With this great cast and interesting way to remind people of the great Charlie Chaplin, I could not be more severely disappointed when the movie finally ended. First the positives, Robert Downey Jr. played a really great Charlie Chaplin. He got the mannerisms of Charlie Chaplin spot on, he looked a lot like him at times, he got Charlie Chaplin's slapstick comedy right on, and Robert Downey Jr. was just the perfect actor to play Charlie Chaplin. The costumes, makeup, and cinematography were all done extremely well and I felt like I went through the movie's time periods. Sadly, those are where my positives of the film end and where I start to name all of the movie's flaws. My flaws start in the middle of the movie. After an interesting first half, the middle half starts and the movie became more and more boring and slow and I then realized the movie was going to be below average. After seeing him getting in the film business, we start seeing a whole lot of his personal life and all of the many women he had relationships with. The relationship building was so poorly done because you would just have actresses come on for a few minutes and then they would disappear for the rest of the whole movie. In the relationships, he would give certain women a few looks and the next scene, he would already be in bed with the woman. It was clear to me, that these type of scenes really felt rushed and sloppily put together and they added nothing to the feature except more run time. Another thing is that they could have focused a bit more on Charlie Chaplin's rise as an actor and less on his personal life because it wasn't very interesting to watch. During the middle and final hour of the film, it focuses on his personal life and the reason why it didn't work for me is because I thought the way it was directed was bland and I became more emotionally detached to the characters as it played out. In my opinion, I didn't think a single actor stood out at all in the supporting cast. Kevin Kline, Marisa Tomei, Milla Jovovich, and even James Woods were all completely wasted and none of them gave a quality performance because they were underutilized. Fresh off of his Oscar win for Silence of the Lambs, Anthony Hopkins' performance was just really basic to me and he had nothing to do except interview Charlie Chaplin. The 2 and a half hour running time really hurt the movie a lot and they were multiple times where I was bored to tears. In the end, this was just a really forgettable biopic and this was not the proper way to honor Charlie Chaplin and this is certainly a movie that I will forget more and more as time goes on.

Bill B (ca) wrote: This film was a pleasant surprise, telling a story of a remote, backwoods community that pays tribute to a strange pit in the woods to ensure their safety and prosperity, until a young woman shirks her duty as sacrifice and causes an escalating series of events for which there is only one solution. Great little film, well worth tracking down.Recommended.

Teemu P (us) wrote: Great cast, great special effects, decent plot. Entertaining.