Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge

Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge

Kurapika became a Hunter to take vengeance on the Class-A crime group Phantom Troupe who massacred his clan for their unique eyes. The eyes of the Kurta clan turn scarlet in times of anger ...

To take vengeance on the Phantom Troupe, a gang of thieves who massacred his clan, Kurapika became a Hunter. The Phantom Troupe sought out the Kurta Clan for their eyes, which turn scarlet when they get agitated. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joo Miguel R (nl) wrote: Nicely done movie and very entertaining, although the plot itself is very simple and common, and this one looks like a "Western John Wick". Hawke and Travolta shine a lot (and Abbie!!!), way better than the other characters that look sometimes very cartoonish. Very good western movie.

BRUNO V (kr) wrote: So Underpants full of shit ! Oops i did watch this the second time , that says enough how bad it is that i did forget it....MC just no actress !!

Nakul S (jp) wrote: its a really great film frankly i am starting to think that rotten tomatoes is broken

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Louise W (ag) wrote: As a fan of the three main stars, I may be a bit biased... :) A well done movie, I wish I could read the book! The acting wasn't the best, but what can you expect from Japanese idols? They're singers, not actors. I loved the story and the characters.

Filippo S (kr) wrote: Three truly likeable characters, each flawed but also capable in their own way. Containing fairy standard elements, this movie plays with them in interesting and novel ways.

Tammy L Z (ru) wrote: I love love love this movie. I enjoy 80's movies. This movie has a great cast! Watch the trailer!

Tim L (us) wrote: Pretty forgettable one this one and not one of my favourites so far, but some good scenes here and there.

Martin S (gb) wrote: It's an entertaining and amusing Creature From the Black Lagoon-ish Corman flick, i'll admit that. Otherwise, it's complete trash.

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