Husband and Wife

Husband and Wife

Silent film drama...

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Brett W (it) wrote: As bad as all these sequels are, it's funny that each one continues to be substantially better than the original, the only theatrical outing for this franchise.

Greg W (nl) wrote: slo n sappy not much here

Charlie G (gb) wrote: Did care for this one. Wasn't really funny a d basically had no plot.

Thaddaeus D (ru) wrote: this film was a very funny comedy about love and what we do to accomplish it

Susanne M (us) wrote: I heard this was disappointing but I still want see it. The person who said that spent most of the movie thinking if was pat benatar Arhgh! As fan of Joan Jett - I have. To see it

Mery R (au) wrote: keren..... jalan ceritanya gak ketebak.Tom Sturridge nya ganteng ;D

Sarah F (ca) wrote: I'd like to see this movie!

Emma S (de) wrote: There is no right word for this movie lol!!!

Jennifer T (jp) wrote: Sex and the city for black women. Whitney got some acting lessons that's for sure. I liked the music more than the actual movie. Angela Bassett's character/story is the most interesting IMO.

Alex T (it) wrote: The stop-motion effects are very impressive. The other aspects of the movie ere pretty terrible, especially Bernard Kay and the lack of sincere emotion surrounding the death of black character Maroof.

Dean W (de) wrote: Not a cheapie...One of the first technicolor films. For its time a marvel at special effects I'm sure. Has its shocking moments (the shooting of the mexican guy ) and suspensful moments too. The film quality kind of reminded me of the Wizard of Oz. I have the feeling the new film code in effect at the time made them change the ending, I mean the mad doctor should have been stuck in the eye with the half-scissor thng but gets pushed down a well. would have been a good horror flick if not for the censors. Anyway well worth a look...

Chayc (kr) wrote: I love it and it's not as bad as most say. The Director's cut is better, though.

Trinity (au) wrote: Pro: feel good movie Con: I hate that they made fun of Eddie. It just wasn't fair.