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Candela F (nl) wrote: Dreamkeeper went all the way in keeping the promise of rich wisdom and legend that has up until now been absent in Native American film projects. This one held me captive for the 2hrs and 54 minutes and I will rent it again and again. A true gift to all of us who know little about the culture and now realize what we have missed. This is a wonderful effort to transfer the power of oral tradition to the cinematic form. It does not always work but what a terrific attempt to wed the tales of the tribes of yore to the masses of the media today. You must be patient with "Dreamkeeper" as the tales were created in a different time and context and take some thought to adjust to the modern world view. This one is a unique experience you should attempt.

Timothy J (nl) wrote: A preposterous premise starting out. As it progressed I really started loving this movie.

Candice M (ca) wrote: Eric Schweig's performance in this movie is at the top of his game! He is so charming. His quiet guestures tell all. It has a surprise ending, that keeps all my friends talking!!

Russell H (it) wrote: The cast was amazing. Pretty cool movie.

Tim G (de) wrote: I very much liked happy Gilmore adam sandlers portrayal of a want to be hockey player who ends up joining to professional golfers tour so he can try to get his grandmother house back is great I liked his antics on the golf course The only thing I did not like was happy rival played by Christopher McDonald who wants him off the tourI

MEC r (au) wrote: This movie was kind of alright in most parts."He's got to many 'ain't gots'...""ain't got no APT""ain't got no JOB""& ain't got no CAR""I can ride a train by myself"LOL! That was funny.... girls will be girls in the bathroom!

Jaime D (ag) wrote: With its minimal dialogue and physical comedy sitting through this film i felt like i was watching an overly long episode of Mr. Bean... too twee for my taste but will no doubt apeal to a certain audience

Leslie B (au) wrote: i loved this story till the end. has a great story, plot and cast. i highly recommend this film.

George C (ag) wrote: Very good film about the dirtiness of big industry and how unions and communism itself just prolongs the oligarchy. The first and last scenes make me wonder if the events in the film actually happened.

Robert B (gb) wrote: I'm getting to old for this shit. LoL, classic

SarahJessica T (it) wrote: It's a family story so I'm behind the plot 100% but the violence gets heavy some times.

Zahid C (us) wrote: Day: WednesdayDate: 22 Apr 2015Time: 10.00 pmWith: Maa, Azeem On: HDTV

Danny M (nl) wrote: Bit shit. This is just silly the whole film I was just thinking it made no sense

Tammi B (ru) wrote: Written by the original Psych screenwriter, Psycho IV explores the conditions leading to the incubation of Norman's mental problems, namely, his sick relationship with his domineering mother. Racy, with an Oedipal undertone, it's the best of the three sequels.

Nicki M (jp) wrote: If Demi strutting around like a skinned chicken in an excessive amount of strip scenes doesn't make you want to die, the constant use of Annie Lennox and eurythmics songs will do it for you.

Tsubaki S (au) wrote: Good performances and the proper direction for the material, but it's one of those films that feels more like an essay than an actual exploration of the subject. You're suppose to think a lot about what life means to you, and your memories and what not, but at the end you will not remember much about this film. Strong questions require strong statements, plain and simple.