Jackson and Helen are in love and about to have their first child when they move in with Jackson's mother, Martha, in order to take care of the family estate. But all is not well in this household. Martha is jealous of her son's affection for Helen, and, despite her Southern smile, she's starting to act strangely. As Helen tries to create a happy home life, Martha attempts to divide the family so that Jackson will become hers alone.

Helen is the young girlfriend of good-looking Jackson Baring. When Helen gets pregnant and marries Jackson, they decide to move to his hometown, Kilronan, and have a baby there. But his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gina W (es) wrote: The acting was incredible in this movie. It deals with obsession, domination and power in relationships. It started out a little slow, more like a play and brings you around slowly. Roman Polanski directed it.

TheJimbobs123 (us) wrote: A very good film. Builds up slowly and different from the usual vampire flick. I really enjoyed.

Joo P (nl) wrote: Mildly entertaining at most, sub-par for the most part.

Carrington G (fr) wrote: Funny movie if your looking for a movie to have a number of laughs.

Taio G (ca) wrote: I'm probably the only that agrees with fellow reviewer Conner Rainwater about this movie. This seriously felt like one of those classic 80's comedies and I loved the vibe throughout the whole entire movie. It wasn't tying to be completely over the top or something different. I mean the humor is there, cast, setting, costumes, romance, and life messages. Take me Home is seriously like a great 80's John Hughes movie. I liked Topher Grace being the main character and slowly trying get his dream chick Tori. Who can't get enough of Teresa Palmer? She's the perfect blonde bombshell and gawd she's gorgeous! Dan Fogler was a great comic relief to the movie and had some hilarious moments. Anna Farris was very underused, but I liked her anyways. If your looking for a serious homage to 80's teen comedies, check this out.

Ollie W (jp) wrote: Well directed and with a great cast, Cassavettes draws you into her fascinating world of longing and loneliness via a well paced plot and two excellent leads, perfectly capturing the purgatory of failed expectations, mid-life realizations and the ebb and flow of fortuitous romance. However, some atrocious dialogue, (delivered with all the sophistication and conviction of a Porn movie) frequently clunky acting (everyone except Rowlands, Poupard and Posey) and some seriously far fetched story-line conceits make this a somewhat puzzling mix of the very good and the very bad.

William H (us) wrote: What is the opposite of uplifting? This is that. From the same director as Hoop Dreams, who goes back to check on his now adult former "little brother" (in the Big Brother sense) whose life is tattered and who is himself a pitiful trainwreck. A solid raw documentary.

Harry W (nl) wrote: I watched Daddy Day Care so many times as a kid and always thought it was the funniest thing I had ever seen. I was sure I would think less of it today but it was still worth a shot.Despite me realising all the stupidities in the script and the cheap gags that director Steve Carr went after with Geoff Rodkey's script which is short of character development, I still picked up on the amiable charm of the film's sweet mood and intentions, as well as the fact that its heart is set on emphasizing the important role that a father takes on a young child's life in lieu of the typical mother-based story. Even though a lot of the moments are cringe worthy, it's consistently pretty funny in the childish manner that it was intended and crafted, and if you can understand and appreciate that then you may appreciate Daddy Day Care.Its story was mostly pretty decent, even though it was pretty basic and more focused on cliche family drama than anything else. Also, the fact that the story has an actual enemy attempting to prevent the development of the wellbeing of children is ridiculous, and Academy Award winner Angelica Huston deserves a better character than the villainous schoolteacher which is a ridiculous plot element. And of course the script is full of cliches coming from every which way but loose that require the actors to characterise their characters themselves which Steve Zahn still seems to be a rookie at, despite his well-meaning efforts.Despite being stuck working with the most commercially cliche script available, Eddie Murphy's natural talent as an actor and comedic charisma makes him able to pull it off convincingly and ensure that his iconic voice is there to deliver laughs and entertainment to viewers everywhere. This is one of his finer PG efforts in my opinion.Jeff Garlin was also pretty funny even though his sole purpose was to shout in his iconic voice and be the butt of all the physical comedy, but then again it is funny to watch a heavy man get injured in the comedic fashions of being punched in the nuts by a child or when he tackles a massive broccoli.The juvenile cast was also talented, with the cute charms of Khamani Griffin, Hailey Noelle Johnson and Ellie Fanning all being the standouts due to their intelligent line deliveries at such a juvenile age.I also really liked the soundtrack because they used some nostalgic bands such as The Ramones and Cheap Trick along with a few modern pieces, but the editors respect that classic and that is just groovy, yo.So I was surprised how much I still enjoyed Daddy Day Care at this age, but frankly it still has the amiable charm and silly fun that Eddie Murphy has a natural talent for supplying.

Carl G (ca) wrote: 2nd rate production, but The Message was clear and the Premise was interesting...

Mark R (mx) wrote: Attempting to find a way to function in a family where dysfunction is more common makes for a fascinating tale.

Blake P (ag) wrote: Yuddy (L. Cheung), is an average guy whose life takes an odd turn when it turns out the person he's been calling mom all these years is not his real mother. Shaking him up, Yuddy goes through much emotional conflct, but during this time two young women make the mistake of falling for him, one being a lonely working girl (M. Cheung), while the other is a showgirl (Lau). It seems he is too lazy to pick one and has them "compete" for him-- but he loses them both in the process. Still not satisfied with his life, he decides to still go out and look for his mother. I've heard a lot of people say that Kar Wai Wong is one of the best, if not the best Asian director's out there. I've been curious about his work these days, and decided that "Days of Being Wild" would be the best choice. Though more renowned for his other works like "2046" or "In the Mood for Love", this is still a stellar movie, and considering it was only his second feature film is astonishing. This is not really a "popcorn" film, but those who can take a slow pace, artsy cinematography, and subtitles, then you'll be in for a treat. The characters, all of which are so compelling and very well played by each actor, get to the point where by the end we begin to care about them, and since this is such a small film, it's shocking to say so. It not only features such stunning performances and such good direction that it isn't hard to appreciate all that's going on, but it's one of those films where a day after you watch it you'll remember so many of its powerful but mysterious moments. As time goes on, I think this film will little by little become a classic. This kind of filmmaking seems lost today, and this is art house at its best. "Days of Being Wild" is a very impressive film that delivers a lot in its short run time. I'm looking forward to seeing some more of Kar Wai Wong's work, and if you're the same as me, this film is the perfect start. 4.5 stars. Recommended.

Steve R (ag) wrote: Any film that starts with a cartoon about a hippo massacring bunnies with a machine gun is going to grab your attention! This is a classic example of a cheesey 1980s feel-good comedy, and if that appeals to you, you'll probably enjoy this one. Starring John Cusack, Demi Moore and Bobcat Goldthwait (the shouty guy from the Police Academy film). There's a great "Godzilla cameo" to enjoy too.

Gustavo Z (au) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all genres, of all times.

Senor C (gb) wrote: I had wanted to see this when I was younger because I wanted to see Caren Kaye naked & I must say she has a smokin body & after Matt Lattanzi sees her skinny dipping all he wants to do is bang her. Nudity aside this May/December romance is pretty annoying because of the immaturity. The only thing that is decent aside of the nakedness is that this has Crispin Glover in a eariler role where he couldn't get laid even if he went to Mexico

Eric S (es) wrote: Love Audrey Hepburn, even without shoes!!

Greg W (ca) wrote: a marion davies comedy vehicle-guess what? Davies is really funny

Christopher S (kr) wrote: Pretty standard Cold War thriller fare. Solidly made with strong performances (despite the annoying fact that all the Russian characters speak with British accents), it does manage to generate some moderate suspense by the end. But ultimately it's just routine and forgettable. James Horner's incredibly dated score doesn't help.

Cody C (ag) wrote: Does a lot of great stuff but the story kind of falls apart in the third act. Worth watching though.

Dawn B (es) wrote: Why did she have to stop and see her ex at the end! Why???