A group of space renegades hook up with a drifter named McQueen. Together they hole up in an abandoned research facility for the night and are relentlessly pursued by a human/monster hybrid.

A group of space renegades hook up with a drifter named McQueen. Together they hole up in an abandoned research facility for the night and are relentlessly pursued by a human/monster hybrid. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dane C (it) wrote: There's allot of problems (obviously), but for the most part this is funny and entertaining but most people will probably find it unbearably offensive. It's good for what it is and it doesn't take itself seriously, it's way too long though.

Dennis L (ca) wrote: CSI mixed with X-Men type of movie. Didn't work.

Christopher H (de) wrote: Interesting enough documentary on the activist group advocating for approval provision of HIV drugs by the FDA.

Michael N (fr) wrote: Enjoyably educational. I love it.

Marah R (kr) wrote: Another cliche of a Dumb blonde using her originality to make it in the big city but ends up losing it instead.

Jessica G (br) wrote: The acting was so appaling I was laughing more than I felt sorry about the stupid characters.If I ever make a "10 top most stupid characters", this will be number 1 without a doubt.***** SPOILER WARNING *****Okay, so we have a supereel which is hiding in the waters. Several stupid characters don't even notice it first, so you can understand why they die when it comes up on land.But then they figure out that the eel IS in the waters, so of course... they make every attempt to be close to the water. *headdesk!*The most stupid attempt is a woman and a man that feels flirty. They take a boat out in the lake and sits there making out."Surprisingly", the eel comes.Okay, if that wasn't stupid enough, here comes a fat guy and runs into the water.He asks "Hey guys, whatcha doing??"They tell him, "it's here, it's in the water".Yeah, they ALL know about the eel, yet they all go out in the water.He has a "Gaby Hoffman ala Volcano" moment, he just stands there shouting "Oh my goood, it's here? Eeeeek! What should I do??? Eeeek!"My jaw literally dropped to the floor.The animal control guy was soooooo annoying with his pitiful attempts at acting cool. Every single time he opened his mouth he added some smarta-- comment so that he would sound cooler.EVERY SINGLE TIME!The eel was so stupid, the characters are running IN FRONT of it, yet it slithers from side to side which slows it down.Why wouldn't that eel easily outrun a human, even if it slithers?And when "mr Cool Animal control dude" stands in the water, why does it raise it's head above water and not attack the guy UNDER the water?Stupid eel.And "mr animal control dude" wrestles with the Eel, when the same eel could easily kill 20 other people without them being able to get out of its grip???Th eeel also looked kinda funny. There was just something about it that made it look so... not scary. It almost seemed kind of cute, which is what I guess the animators wasn't aiming for.The ending was sooo stupid. Oh yeah, kill mama eel, here comes angry offspring for a sequel.Why didn't they like... attack BEFORE??????????Seriously lazy animators, I don't believe for a second the offsprings grew 20 feet in 30 seconds, they just took mama eels model!Anyway, the movie was obviously not taking itself seriously by making the eel BURP when it eats the explosives. O_o

Rohan D (ca) wrote: It was a good entertainer when i was a kid.

Quincy J (fr) wrote: it was good for first act. this one was ok but did not have the zing.

Matt H (au) wrote: I only gave this half a star as you can't give 0. Talk about shit.....

Nikolaj Z (ag) wrote: MAGNETIC ROSE - (3..5)STINK BOMB - (2.5)CANNON FODDER - (3)

bill f (kr) wrote: This movie is a real good story. The more you watch it the better it gets. I have seen this more than any other flic. I've watched it about 15 times. The acting is great especailly Edie Adams, The movie must have had a forestorm of criticism in 1963. The topics are casual sex, abortion, single woman living alone and making her own money and decisions. Tom Bosly is wonderful as the blubbery mommas boy who loves the heroine.

John K (jp) wrote: A classic, and still a pleasure to see 60 years later.

Stuart K (br) wrote: Directed by Bruce Clark (The Ski Bum (1971) and Galaxy of Terror (1981)), and written by Charles Eric Johnson (Slaughter's Big Rip-Off (1973) and The Monkey Hu$tle (1976)). This blaxploitation films struck a chord with audiences upon release, with the theme of the underdog taking on corruption and the mob. The success of the film briefly made a star out of Fred Williamson, who became known as The Hammer later on. B.J. Hammer (Williamson) is a dockworker and boxer who has been able to get successful thanks to help from the Mafia, but Hammer doesn't know that. His trainer Professor (Mel Stewart) does know that, and things get dangerous when mob hoods Big Sid (Charles Lampkin) and Brenner (William Smith), tell Hammer to take a dive during the next fight. Hammer refuses, as he doesn't want to lose. Hammer calls upon Private Detective Davis (Bernie Hamilton) to help out, but Davis won't listen to Hammer's pleas. Then when Hammer's girlfriend Lois (Vonetta McGee) ends up being kidnapped by the mob, Hammer uses his boxing skills to take on the mob. It's crossed somewhere between On The Waterfront (1954) and The Harder They Fall (1956), with a little bit of what was to come in the Rocky films. But it's compelling enough, and it's the sort of thing you'd expect from a blaxploitation film, cheap but gritty.