Enjoy this fantastic Sci-Fi short film by the talented Patrick Kalyn! In the wake of an alien infestation, an ex-special forces soldier's daughter is killed in an alien attack. Seeking revenge, she leads a team deep into alien territory to a quarantined lab. Soon, she discovers the aliens aren't alien at all, but a failed government experiment to create a bio-hybrid soldier. She must then expose the governments cover-up and save the last standing city in the quarantined zone from falling.

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Hybrids torrent reviews

Rock C (nl) wrote: ????????????????????1. ????????2. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????(???????????????????????????=.=)????????????????????????????????????????????......(???????????????XD)???????????????

Andrei C (br) wrote: A poor atempt at comedy.

Agostina E (br) wrote: pelicula imprescindible para todos los que amamos el cine de verdad.a nivel visual es impactante, la tipografia y las palabras tan crudas y precisas en cada momento clave son chocantes y logran el efecto buscado. la musica acompaa de manera perfecta.las actuaciones son magnificas, chapeau para Giovanna Mezzogiorno y su terriblemente dificil interpretacion como Ida Dalser, la amante de Mussolini.como siempre, la direccion de bellocchio es absolutamente impecable.puntaje maximo.

Dillon K (jp) wrote: Despite being visually impressive, this sequel to play out similarly to Night Watch where it is plagued with a sloppily pieced together frantic action flick., which is only partially salvaged by the all-encompassing conclusion.

ClaRita C (nl) wrote: the characters are well thought out, and the clothing is just on point! hilarious story haha!.

RA L (fr) wrote: WEB. Lars von Trier y su colaborador Niels Vorsel deben haber supuesto que son personas carismticas y que su proceso creativo es fascinante para haber hecho este experimento tipo 8 1/2 y haber mostrado tanta autosatisfaccin mientras lo hacan. Uno o dos momentos inspirados no compensan por el tedio que sobrecoge a esta pelcula cuyo ms conspicuo rasgo es la vagancia (su secuencia de apertura la delata a posteriori). / Lars von Trier and his collaborator Niels Vorsel must have supposed they are very charismatic people and that their creative process is fascinating in order to have done this 8 1/2-type experiment and shown so much self-satisfaction while doing it. One or two inspired moments do not compensate the tedium that overtakes this movie, whose most conspicuous attribute is laziness (its opening sequence tells on it a posteriori).

Reagan C (au) wrote: Probably the best Star Trek movie, in my opinion.This installment really showed the characters' personalities and relationships, focusing less on mayhem and more on them. I loved that (especially since my favorite character, Pavel Chekov, got a good amount of screen time).A good follow-up of "The Search for Spock", showing him turning back to his old self. A heartwarming film, and has a good deal of comical moments (sending a 23rd century starfleet crew back to the '80s is bound to get laughs!)

Lisa B (br) wrote: have the tissues handy!

Jason O (gb) wrote: I first saw "Turk 182!" (yes, its title really has an exclamation point in it) a few years back, and I thought it was a great movie. Now that I've grown a little since then and matured even more, I wanted to watch it again to see if it was as great as I remembered it.....and it was. Terry "Turk" Lynch (Robert Urich) is a New York City fireman that was injured while saving a little girl from a burning building. After many pleads for help from Terry's younger brother, James (Timothy Hutton), all the leaders of the city refuse to give Terry the benefits that he needs to live and to recover from his accident. James Lynch is so upset about his brother not getting what he deserves, that he becomes a hero in his own way, by using graffiti to create certain messages (you'll have to watch the movie to find out what they are and what they mean) all over the city. Whether it's on a living horse, a famous bridge, or a "graffiti proof" train, James sure knows how to use graffiti as an art. "Turk 182!" doesn't have any spectacular special effects or a tremendously engrossing plot or script, so if you're looking for that, you will be very disappointed. It's just a basic story about a brother trying to give his older brother some due, and to let everybody else know that he is a hero. For years I've enjoyed watching "Turk 182!," and I'm pretty sure I'll always like it. It baffles me that this film seems to be so invisible to movie fans. It's a great film that deserves more attention than it has gotten so far. If you like great movies, I definitely recommend purchasing "Turk 182!" NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2001. Underrated movie in my book indeed.

Mark S (gb) wrote: french horror films always involve someone taking a trip out in the country.this is another one. but deals with golems.kind of unoriginal but its french horror.. so its better than american horseshit

Matt A (nl) wrote: BANNED IN SWEDEN!!Thriller:A Cruel Picture was the beginning of the let the punishment fit the crime grindhouse explotation films of the 1970s.Swedish actress and model Christina Lindberg (a new favorite of mine)plays a girl forced into a world of prostitution and drugs,then taking revenge on all of those responsible and wronged her.Scenes of hardcore pornography and violence caused this film to be banned in it's own country.A rumor that holds over the film,that the scene where her eye is cut out,was an actual cadaver,not fake,has never been proven otherwise.The film that Quinton Tarintino called "The roughest revenge film ever made" Christina Lindberg was given the largest insurance policy to an actress at that time,since all the guns and ammunition used were real.I don't believe in the term "guilty pleasure" this is a film I'm glad to say has become a favorite.Nasty,impressive,and knows no limit to what it can do.Looking for a Swedish import with all the goods?Give it a watch..but..PREPARE YOURSELF!Not for the faint of heart!

Brock B (br) wrote: Akira Kurosawa(TM)s last black and white film, Red Beard, follows a storyline similar to Bernard mond(TM)s La Donation. The themes are similar, although the Japanese work develops more slowly and is more lyrical. A doctor with aspirations of serving Japan(TM)s royal court is sent to a small clinic in a poor village. Unlike Dr. Dion, who chose to accept a one month posting in Norm (C)tal, Dr. Yasumoto is tricked into reporting to the iconic Dr. Niide (a.k.a. Red Beard?) and initially refuses the position. Over time, he comes to respect Red Beard, his pragmatic viewpoint, and his effective manner of dealing with patients.The deliberate camera work is patient and affords many opportunities for symbolism. The backdrop for the opening credits is the rooftops of the clinic and the town, showing how society looks down on the poor. Kurosawa often lights the scene so the shadows of the doctors, nurses, and patients are visible. It(TM)s as if their physical bodies are complemented by their spiritual souls. As he does in all of his films, the weather represents when the plot becomes complicated in addition to the conflict inside Dr. Yamoto. Snow falls to show when his conscience is clear.Everyone in the film comes from a different background, some with skeletons - literally - in the closet. Everyone has a second chance to redeem themselves. Life may not be fair but one can only carry on and do their best. Red Beard(TM)s devotion to the citizens of the small town convinces Dr. Yamoto to change his career path; although he understands that he will have no money and no honour, he still wishes to serve the poor. Seeing the progress of the ill patients inspires him to help more.To me, the most memorable moment is when the doctors make a house call to a girls with syphilis. The family and neighbours refuse to send her to the clinic. Red Beard bluntly tells them: A bad doctor can kill you. I won(TM)t kill you but I will break some arms and legs.? The men subsequently step outside and the doctor gives the intransigent strangers a thorough beating to straighten them out. Then he orders his two interns to bandage the injured and find a cart to carry the seriously wounded to the clinic. I might have gone too far,? Red Beard reflects. The film develops characters slowly and consistently. There are comedic moments, emotional scenes, and even though it is not The Seven Samurai, a clever action sequence. Similar to how Torn Curtain was the end of an amazing filmmaking partnership (Hitchcock and Hermann), Red Beard is the last time that Kurosawa worked with Toshir Mifune. Mifune played so many iconic roles (the businessman, the beggar, the bandit) yet he always altered his performance so that he was not merely portraying an archetype. In this film, he could have made Red Beard the stereotypical mentor but his gruff but sensitive mannerism and steely eyes (Christian Bale could learn from this) shaped a truly memorable character.

Dan F (it) wrote: The British TV-to-movie curse continues, again taking a beloved and successful property and putting its characters into a situation far removed from what made it beloved and successful in the first place. Awful.

Ryan C (ag) wrote: Let me start off by saying this isn't Gojira and I think it's a completely new movie. It adds an actor, edits out some scenes and puts total new ones in. It's just as great as Gojira though and it's just as much as a classic.

Grant S (us) wrote: Okay-ish thriller-drama. Plot setup was good but it just seems to drift from a point. Ending is a bit trite and quite predictable. Surprising, as the movie is written-directed by Paul Schrader, who wrote Taxi Driver and Raging Bull for Martin Scorsese. Maybe he shouldn't direct... (though Affliction was great and Cat People was decent).Performances are OK. This was Richard Gere's breakthrough role.