This documentary examines the Seattle scene as it became the focus of a merging of punk rock, heavy metal, and innovation. Building from the grass roots, self-promoted and self-recorded until break-out success of bands like Nirvana brought the record industry to the Pacific Northwest, a phenomenon was born.

Documentary covering the growth and subsequent overexposure of the Seattle "grunge" music scene in the early 90s . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel T (kr) wrote: Makes Taken look weak!!! Amazing movie!!

Lee M (us) wrote: With its casual deadpan attitude, Buzzard offers a nightmare portrait of arrested development and anomie for the age of inequality.

Dan R (es) wrote: Really shitty HSM knock-off by the prolific border-line copyright infringing Asylum films. Not at all impressive, not even to laugh at the stupidity. Fun fact: Sunday School Musical was directed by a Jew!

Jimena M (us) wrote: me gust muchisimo. Da miedo a ratitos. muchos secretitos que al final sabes que sen desvelados.

Samantha H (ru) wrote: LOVED IT!! I could watch this movie over and over. I love the psychological aspect of the way love is portrayed.

Edith N (it) wrote: The subject of the Kindertransport is fascinating. It almost-but-not-quite makes up a little for the shameful behavior of refused visas for adults. In addition, it seems many of these children were able to get other family members--even, in some cases, parents--out of German-held territories and into England. That said, this documentary is an inferior telling of its story. While I understand the filmmakers' goal to make these stories personal, I do not feel we have enough context. There are thousands of stories to tell, but the one that isn't is the overall one. Oh, there are interjected moments of history, but not many. We do see film and still photos, but out of context--is the footage of bombing actually related to the story the woman is telling? Probably, but maybe not. We don't know; we don't know if the photos shown are photos of the lost parents or just photos of the era that look right. It's odd, the unblinking use of the term "alien companies." In pre-Roswell days, that didn't mean what it does now. And the woman encouraging "girls" to join the ATS looks astonishingly like Eddie Izzard. Small ironies like this pepper the film, but not enough to really improve it.

Kace C (fr) wrote: Return to Me [2000] it could be a lot better if scenes were properly juxtaposed. 6/10

Alexandra M (fr) wrote: Nicolas Cage+Willem Dafoe=the perfect overdose of eccentricity and awesomeness.

Matt K (de) wrote: It's really funny. Saw it at the New Bev and the print was pristine! A great experience.

Dustin R (us) wrote: Certainly not the feel good film of 1946. Heartbreaking.

Sarah R (us) wrote: Lovely film that is surprisingly funny and touching even nearly a century after its creation... however it is much, much too long!

James H (gb) wrote: Suspenseful story, the acting was a bit cold and unfeeling but it held my interest. Las Vegas settings a plus, very good score. I am surprised the chemistry between the two main stars was not particularly evident, considering they were married at the time.