Hype Nation 3D

Hype Nation 3D

An American dance crew goes head to head with a crew from South Korea.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:English,Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:hip hop,   b boy,  

An American dance crew goes head to head with a crew from South Korea. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hype Nation 3D torrent reviews

Nathan D (es) wrote: great documentary. Some of the skills these guys pull off are amazing. Wasn't Jeremy on Britains got talent?

Francisco R (nl) wrote: Good movie, I usually don't like movies just about a day or an hour or something, but this one was not bad it all, it has two great actors, a good story and this is an entartaining movie that will not let you down, the title make us think that the movie will not have a happy ending but I can tell you that it had, so, I recommendet.

Avalon R (de) wrote: Probably the only reason I remember it as clearly as I do is because this was actually the first romcom I ever watched. Yeah, I made it to almost adulthood without ever seeing one. And I have seen many worse ones since. So if you want a cliche, this one isn't the worst you could do. At least the lead is fairly likable this time.

MariaJose E (it) wrote: siempre me siento muy feliz despues de ver algo de todd solondz : D

Brad S (br) wrote: I saw this when it first came out, but I wanted to re-watch it as I watched both versions of "Nosferatu" in the last year and i wanted to see how this held-up. I love the premise, it features Willem Dafoe as Max Shreck who is actually a real vampire in this, pretending to play an actor playing a vampire. The crew start to go missing, and everyone notices how convincing Shreck is. Malkovich is great as director F.W. Murnau and Dafoe is perfect. It is not a perfect film, but has a great premise and a good dark sense of humour. Definitely worth watching for fans of the old silent horror films!

Doctor S (de) wrote: This is what I'd call a big W.O.T. - a waste o' time. At this stage in her career, Melissa George is an accomplished actress who is much better than starring in a one-room play with minimal suspense that tries to Reservoir Dog the ending. Writer/director Amanda Gusack spends time filming a few artistic shots of urban decay in a warehouse presumably to enter in a state fair competition when she should have been redrafting her script a half-dozen more times.

Dustin R (us) wrote: Deodato's awesome jungle adventure with more evil media tones. Michael Berryman kills a bunch of people, and lots of explosions and death. It rules.

Andrew M (nl) wrote: It takes a while for its comedic throwback elements to kick in, but once they do, Slither proves to be an entertaining low budget horror romp with fun characters and unique visual style.

Martin T (nl) wrote: There's some good suspense moments here, it's a decent war thriller with some horrifying scenes. But the premise is too absurd to tolerate. We never get a sense of why the Germans would go to such elaborate lengths to occupy a tiny village, nor how they all managed such perfect British accents. Gripping stuff, if you can overlook the film's implausibilities.

Kevin L (es) wrote: Better than sky fall.

Sam M (br) wrote: Harvey Keitel steals this but the surrounding story and characters break it up. Turturro and Keitel went well together but didn't have enough scenes together to prove their chemistry.

Geoffrey O (nl) wrote: Pretty bland and forgettable little horror movie. I like the different approach it took to it's source material, and I love the homages to the classic Boris Karloff take, but the film was quite boring, took itself too seriously, and wasn't even that close to the book, despite being an attempt to be an accurate adaptation. 'Bram Stocker's Dracula' was a much better film in comparison, despite also taking liberties with it's source material. It seemed the powers-that-be just thought "Well hey! If it worked for Dracula, why not FRANKENSTEIN?," and made this movie as a way to cash in on that film. Overall, the movie isn't a bad watch if you're into horror movies or Frankenstein, but for everyone else it's pretty dull.

Cornell W (de) wrote: This is a good movie even if you don't enjoy hockey. (78% of all Americans don't enjoy hockey.)

Greg W (ag) wrote: quirky yet funny and very watchable

Conrad T (it) wrote: Story background of a villain couple in disguise of brother and sister was a bit similar to the movie Crimson Peak.