• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Hypnosis 2011 full movies, Hypnosis torrents movie

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Hypnosis torrent reviews

Leon B (de) wrote: Review:Man, this film was bad! I think that the director was trying to make a comedy/road movie about a racing driver who gets kidnapped and told to drive for a thief on the run, but it's totally not funny and the storyline is ridiculous. I'm usually a fan of John Cusack movies, but I think that he made this film just for the pay day. I think that the whole film is set in Australia, on the cheap, which didn't fit with the 2 American main characters who seem a bit out of place. I can understand why it went straight to DVD because it definitely wouldn't have worked on the big screen. Disappointing!Round-Up:After watching John Cusack's excellent performance in the Butler and Paperboy, I think that he's allowed to make a couple of Boo Boo's which won't hurt his career. I'm just surprised that he agreed to do the movie after reading the weak script. The same goes for Thomas Jane who did do quite a bad Punisher but he was good in Thin Red Line & Face Off, even though they were made years ago. Anyway, this film isn't one that I will remember in a hurry.Budget: $12millionWorldwide Gross: N/AI recommend this movie to people who are into there road movies about a man who get kidnapped to drive for a man who steal from the mob. 2/10

Brian S (it) wrote: R100 is a film out of Japan about a man who signs a contract to be beaten at random by various dominatrixes to help him fell pleasure under the weight of loneliness and sorrow of his wife being in a vegetative state. Slowly the begin to cross the line, and he enjoys it at first, but when one of the girls die the bondage club is out to murder him and get vengeance. I love how meta the film was in that it kept stopping to have producers in a room discussing plot holes and how things made no sense at all. It really added to some of the more over the top moments. At times it is very funny, and a bit strange. The ending is very memorable and comes from left field a bit. Overall it was well directed, with a thin premise that still boasted laughs. grade: C

Se7enth A (ag) wrote: A rather somber and slow paced drama anchored by truly fine performances. Nick Stahl and AnnaSophia Robb, the movie belongs to them.

Anthony K (jp) wrote: A little dogmatic in its own beliefs, but it happen to be on the side with which I align. This is, however, a thorough examination of the ratings boards, some of its constituents, which hides itself with in shadows, much to its own detriment. Unfortunately, I don't think the film will appeal to anyone but hardcore movie buffs.

Mike B (ag) wrote: Effective and scary, plus the lovely Anwar. Nicely escalates the tension and dread.

Sebastian G (mx) wrote: good movie, based on the hoova crips.

Orlok W (gb) wrote: A terrific assortment of players brings this unusual police story to life--Enjoyably shaggy cop movie!!

Robert W (de) wrote: One of the best films from Hammer's later era.

jay n (es) wrote: Typical overblown, overlong DeMille epic. Stanwyck is excellent as always although the 30's eyebrows are a bit distracting.

Thiago A (kr) wrote: Apesar do status de clssico, e do timo elenco recheado de grandes estrelas, o personagem irritante de Lionel Barrymore e atuao melodramtica do ator, destri as qualidades do filme.

Justin R (au) wrote: Billy Madison is probably Adam Sandler's most overrated film. I don't know why this is in the higher tier of his movies, it may just be because it was in 1995 before everyone was very sick of him. Adam Sandler gives a terribly unfunny one-trick-pony performance, and the supporting cast, despite having promise, does not deliver, not allowing the plot to develop into anything spectacular.

Ryan W (us) wrote: .,,,,,

Steven S (au) wrote: PSH is the only (and I mean only) saving grace here - but his performance is awesome, almost as good as Capote. Other than that the script is predictable, full of clich, stereotypes, and boredom. De Niro's character and female friends, in particular, sure drag (no pun intended)