Hysterical Blindness

Hysterical Blindness

Set in the 1980's, Debby Miller (Uma Thurman) goes out in New Jersey looking for a man after she is diagnosed with "hysterical blindness".

Two friends lament their unhappy single lives while searching for Mr. Right in 1980s New Jersey. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Narae P (us) wrote: Everything about this was bad. Not even mediocre, just bad.

Jason W (es) wrote: What Richard Did is a Irish film that tackles a question about morality. Doing so with honesty. A good looking, privileged boy makes a mistake that changes the lives of himself, and those closest to him. Excellent in all marks - confident writing/directing, intriguing story, amazing cast, and cinematography that immerses you into the story of this boy. The thick Irish accents can be hard to follow at times, but ultimately doesn't hinder the story's emotional punch. I defiantly recommend this movie, avoid spoilers. Cuz it makes what he did that much more effective. :)

Heather B (jp) wrote: I love dis movie so much. It is kind of cheesy but still good.

Vessela D (nl) wrote: Wonderful movie - sweet, funny, touching... I loved it!:)

Private U (fr) wrote: waste of time~ great if I was a lazi unemployed Stoner~ I would have probably lmao~

Emily B (de) wrote: I just think it looks funny

Mkumar S (es) wrote: So nicely cool movie

Mohammed A (fr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Troy A (gb) wrote: Yay for cute lil mousey's

Frouke E (mx) wrote: IJzersterke psychologische thriller die je tot op het laatste moment in het ongewisse laat. Theo Maassen levert een geweldige prestatie. Hij wisselt tussen aandoenlijk naief en griezelig obsessief. Goeie montage waarin veel wordt weggelaten. Spannende muziek, en creepy locaties. Ik vind dit een thriller van hoog niveau, vergelijkbaar met Off-Screen van dezelfde regisseur. Zou me niets verbazen als dit in het buitenland ook veel lof zal oogsten.

Jack P (ca) wrote: The definition of the word 'bland'. A total waste of film stock.

Anthony V (it) wrote: Less a sequel, more of a remake.

Tor M (br) wrote: A weirdo piece where we follow a young girl in her dreamy fantasy world.Vampires, masks, religion, monsters, weasels, love and horror are all elements here.It's expermental but not that far out. It's unique and brilliant in a way. The fact that the film is semi-graphic when an experimenting 14-year is the main thing here is of course very controversial. It does not ruin the film, but it makes it spookier and completes the story in some way. A mixture of "Alice in Wonderland" and "Nosferatu" - surreal and lovely photographed.It's a short film and that's a good thing. Not since it's bad, but things don't go to far then. A cinematic dream that shifts from being silly, horror-like and beautiful.It's also way cool that one of my favorite "Broadcast" songs are hugly inspired by this film.6.5 out of 10 ear rings.

Irvin C (kr) wrote: This film wants to have its cake and eat it too. It's clearly a rather trashy, campy soap opera that's a bit naughty (for its time) but it also seems to want to be taken seriously as a drama. It's about three women struggling the ups and downs of show business: the sex, the booze, the drugs. It's pretty racy and shocking at the time but fairly tame now (It could get away with a PG-13, quite frankly). It's a tad overlong and the drama is kind of blah. There are fun, campy bits but they come and go. It's gorgeously shot and designed though. Entertaining and watchable but not a must-see.

Steve D (br) wrote: I found it slow and not particularly well acted. clearly a labor of love but it does not translate to the audience.

Russ B (it) wrote: 12/28/2015: Meh. It was ok, but nothing great or memorable about it. Absolutely no reason to watch it again.

MacDara C (jp) wrote: (Watched Wed 16 May 2012) Roddy Piper is the man, but this movie saps away all the charm he displayed in the ring, and in the likes of They Live.

Adam R (es) wrote: (First viewing - Fall 2006 in theaters)