I Am

I Am

"I am" tells the story of Kundel, a boy searching for his place in life, his identity. After running away from an orphanage where he is treated as an outcast among outcasts by both his peers and the adults in charge, and being rejected a second time by his alcoholic mother, who had earlier abandoned him, the resolute 11-year-old finds a "home" on a deserted old barge on the outskirts of his hometown. He is still an outcast, but he is an outcast on his own terms, rejecting both patronizing charitable gestures and coercion by local thugs. In the process he makes one true friend, a girl from an affluent family who is also an outcast, despite living in material comfort.

"I am" tells the story of Kundel, a boy searching for his place in life, his identity. After running away from an orphanage where he is treated as an outcast among outcasts by both his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy G (gb) wrote: Love is all you need is a nice romantic movie about a man and woman meeting each other for their son and daughters wedding in Italy. B-

Juha S (kr) wrote: Good actors but brings nothing new to the story.

Mattias D (gb) wrote: wheelchair-roadmovie with a special role for Aki Kaurismaki in the end...

kimeshia p (ag) wrote: THE REAL DEAL FUCK THE CRITICS

Beast B (au) wrote: First horror movie I ever saw and it made me jump so many times........ AWESOME!!!!!!!

Roy C (jp) wrote: Flat and nonsensical love triangle atop war, imperialism, and mind control.

Steve M (kr) wrote: Aligators and a Nutcase Burt Reynolds... hahahaha

Dennis L (us) wrote: It was interesting to see Osmet all grown up. Nothing new in this movie though.

Ben L (kr) wrote: The Change-Up is another in a long line of body-switching movies, but this time the big twist is that the switch occurs between two full-grown adult males. What's remarkable is that, aside from being freed up to make more sexual and expletive-laden jokes, they don't stray from the same formula you see in every other film in the genre. One guy is over-extending himself, becoming too focused on his work, and needs to loosen up a little. The other guy is too carefree, lacks the ability to commit to anything or apply himself, and needs to learn the value of growing up. The biggest sin of this movie is that nothing is funny. I did not laugh, chuckle, or even smirk. The Change-Up is one more in a long line of modern American comedies that think saying sexual things, utilizing bathroom humor, and swearing is hilarious. There is no punchline, there is no creativity, and there is no imagination. The "jokes" are so puerile that it reminds me of how we used to make each other laugh in middle school. I don't even think the movie handles the lessons that the two guys learn all that well. Instead of figuring out where they've gone wrong through this unique experience, they require other characters to simply tell them. I can't decide if the writers did that because they think the characters are stupid or they think the audience is stupid, but either way it's offensively poor writing. I wish I could say that Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds at least get to exercise their acting chops by portraying two different characters, but I never felt them trying to be the other person. The script tells us they have changed, and their actions somewhat imply they have changed, but their acting doesn't clue us in at all. It's a shoddy film that only exists because the standards for comedy have sunk so low, don't watch it.

Hollis O (gb) wrote: Cheeky, warm, and at times surprisingly deep - a great story with a superb cast.

Noname (es) wrote: A pretty decent movie with the superb Samuel L Jackson and Ed Harris. I like this type of movies , homicide detective jobs kinda. Altho the movie could have been more intensive perhaps but i enjoyed it. Well made flick and great story overall.