I Am 24

I Am 24

The perks of lying.

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Alfin N (it) wrote: People in this movie are honestly think that watching a guy trying to get an erection on the internet is funny.

Joseph E (ca) wrote: I do like the father-daughter relationship and how the father is trying to become a changed man, but everything else seems to fall flat. It may not be the worst of it's kind, but it's no Kindergarten Cop.

Brice B (ru) wrote: Strange movie in a good way. It certainly has something to do with Schrdinger's cat's paradox (alive and dead at the same time until an observer decides weather he's dead or alive, but the cat talks so he's conscious and it brings the paradox to another level like Wigner's interpretation or parallel universes), but frankly I didn't understand all of it (and if it's the case, I wonder if July really did).The photography is very good and the dialogues are quite original. It's a movie that makes you think and surprises you several times.

Scott J (us) wrote: Well-done, engrossing documentary about extreme mountain skiing.

Tyler S (kr) wrote: I found this movie really pointless...I love Keaton but this movie was a bad attempt at horror.The movie is about a widower who contacts dead people or spirits through radio noise...It's all just a bunch of black and white nonsense...It's like your TV going out in the old days and seeing faces in it.He soon realizes some of these spirtis are evil and want out.He spends all his time trying to connect with his wife and he hears her voice and sees images of her.It really is a mess of a movie...

Catherine L (br) wrote: As far as horror movies go this was crap. It pretty much went now where and left many questions unanswered. The acting alone was little to be desired.

Ben W (ca) wrote: I have nothing to say about this movie except for one thing: It's 100% utterly stupid!

Cheyne L (au) wrote: tight production and moving performances highlight this melodrama that uses contradiction between style and content to it's favor ..

David D (ru) wrote: While Reese Witherspoon plays Becky Sharp wonderfully and the cast is interestingly chosen, Vanity Fair will be a period piece movie that is interesting to watch, but overall won't be enjoyable to watch over and over again because of it's structure of the story, its slow pace and its little long running time.

FilmGrinder S (gb) wrote: 79% Very good for an unnecesary follow up. Loved the green lighting.

Jei P (jp) wrote: i think he is a cousin of Chucky

Michael R (jp) wrote: John Carpenter tackles religion and science as a theology that is one and the same in this great, creepy horror film. The director lessens the scares but increases the feelings of dread and unease. Prince of Darkness is another solid entry in Carpenters legacy as a master of horror.

Robin P (ca) wrote: Such a sad kind of gut wrenching mysterious story, yet there is something so riveting about it...Robbie Benson and Glynnis O'Connor for starters as well as the hit song by Bobbie Gentry which I guess is the premise for this movie? Even though I hate what happens in it, to a confused, frustrated, misled boy...I've always liked this movie.

Kevin H (de) wrote: Entertaining...but forgetable

bill s (ca) wrote: Even for a mindless action movie, this is tripe.

David W (es) wrote: Funny, but not one of their better shorts.