I Am a Camera

I Am a Camera

In the early thirties, aspiring writer Christopher Isherwood, living in Berlin, meets the vivacious, penniless singer Sally Bowles. They develop a platonic relationship while Sally has a wild time spending other peoples money.

In the early thirties, aspiring writer Christopher Isherwood, living in Berlin, meets the vivacious, penniless singer Sally Bowles. They develop a platonic relationship while Sally has a wild time spending other peoples money. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shelly W (gb) wrote: This is a very good movie, with a meaning. The movie has good actors & best of all it's a true story.. Excellent movie 2 thumbs up.. Check it out..

Jaeyoung L (kr) wrote: parent's love for their girl but strange story .....

Felipe F (br) wrote: A triumph for the Affleck brothers both as leading star and director, Gone Baby Gone is an enthralling crime drama that raises complex moral issues.

Donavan K (ag) wrote: greatness could have been but still a OK movie- yoda

Mark L (it) wrote: 51% on the tomatometer?! I disagree, this movie is whack! The concept is cool, but it is poorly executed in its writing (so much good social commentary that is passed up in execution). You don't even care for the characters, you're basically just watching this film for how awesome the locations are.Could have been much more awesome if it was written better. This was suppose to be noir genre film? I did like the globalized aspect of the film, with the languages and what not. Definitely something you can watch in the background while you multi-task.

Marta K (au) wrote: Islandzkie realia, pokrecone relacje, narkotyki, sex, lesbijki, dzieci... polecam

Natashia H (ru) wrote: Haven't seen this movie in years. Love it.

Esperana N (ca) wrote: suspense and action, lot of treason!

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Amber J (kr) wrote: This was absolutely hilarious!

Kevin M W (gb) wrote: John Barrymore and Carole Lombard ham it up as thespians who are each other's best audience ... and maybe the only audience the other cares for. The one liners zing like hail in a storm.

Short Horror R (nl) wrote: More humerous than the previous films, exchanging the horror elements and scare factor for black comedy laughs

Harri K (jp) wrote: Have you ever asked yourself what it would be like if Indiana Jones was dumb and had a black sidekick? Don't.

WS W (de) wrote: Too real, too hard, to like.

Lau H (br) wrote: I first watched it when i was a kid, I watched again when I was in secondary school, I watched it again in my university time, and I was never felt boring about it. This is a great film that is able to stand-out in any era.

Paul L (ru) wrote: A classic for anyone in the workforce. Everyone has or will have a boss and coworkers like this group. Great one liners. Love it!

Eric A (it) wrote: The story might not be one of the most interesting however it is very insightful portrait of the under class and the poverty in todays England

W James S (gb) wrote: Some terrific acting from a talented young cast highlights this ultimately disappointing bio-pic. The screenplay and directing are all over the place and this film portrays Armstrong as an extreme villain, hungary for fame and fortune who will do anything to win a race. Not really a feel good story and you don't really feel any compassion for him, even when he's going through major cancer treatments early in the film. But history is what it is and I guess he really can't be portrayed in a happy-go-lucky way.