I Am a Dad

I Am a Dad

A corrupt detective infiltrates a gang and tries to save his daughter. One day he finds out the heart his daughter would receive as a transplant is from a magician he falsely accused.

A corrupt detective infiltrates a gang and tries to save his daughter. One day he finds out the heart his daughter would receive as a transplant is from a magician he falsely accused. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee G (nl) wrote: This laughably bad film doesn't deserve your time. The effects are bad. To see a raven in the dark, they made them light grey. Good thinking. The story revolves around people being attacked by ravens. That in itself isn't bad, as you can see in Hitchcock's "The Birds". What makes this film bad is you don't care about anyone in the film. The people don't think. Instead they shoot guns and run around in the open. The ending is all the more frustrating, and reeks of "deux ex machina" (wiki it).

Nilanjana R (kr) wrote: different angle from the usual hindi film ,good songs

Sajin P (jp) wrote: I dont know a hoot about French history. Nevertheless I enjoyed this movie a lot. Although it's a story of a Parisian family running away from war, this is not exactly a period war movie. it deals with the struggles of a family to survive, and the relation between a widowed mother and a young stranger.

Alexander C (nl) wrote: Will have to watch this one. Not necassarily good or bad. Will see. Want to watch!

Rufus B (de) wrote: For a comedy, it was a flop. Just very boring...

Daniel W (es) wrote: With the "D W" complete body of work being shown on consecutive nights on the cable AMC Channel -- I was able to see the original and this one a couple of evenings apart, both for the first time in several years. Again, I found myself drawn to a couple of distractions, namely, an unimportant and curious one: Why entitle II and V with Roman Numerals, and 3 and 4 with Arabic ones? Just wondered. Also, couldn't help but ponder from reading Puzo's book and seeing the movies: Who lost more close friends, family, etc., to murder, Don Corleone, or mild-mannered architect/conscientious objector, Paul Kersey? The original gave a plausible reason for Paul's ability with guns, although he had eschewed them following his gun collector/father's death in a hunting accident. But as these series installments proceeded, and you look at them anew now, there are other fascinations: Charlie performed these roles beginning in his 50's to a period where he had been eligibile for early social security payments for over a decade. Further, he rotated between both coasts, having no trouble becoming ensconced comfortably every time, with successful business activity, a host of friends (many of whom met their demise), and a dual schedule which would keep either a full-time businessman or a full-time mob button man busy at his singular profession -- but Paul handled both with little detraction from either by the other. And his affinity for hand guns (and undoubtedly rifles) as previously explained aside -- Paul also seems to have had the ability to acquire capabilities with regard a wide variety of heavy weaponry and ordnance exceeding a level reached by, say, even General Patton. Finally, while I've always lived several hundred miles from each coast, my best friend is in L.A., and I have friends in New York City, and have spent regular extended periods in both. In these flicks, unlike any experience my friends (or I) have had, or know of anyone who has -- Paul keeps a dual schedule in both his lives whereby he seems never to be impeded by traffic jams or any big city delays - whether engaged in architectural duties, dispatching hosts of villains, and evading detection just about every time. {He also seems to have the time also (along with the cleverness of a CIA/FBI operative), to infiltrate when and where necessary to further his objectives of vengeance.} A fascinating "body of work," even more so decades after original release. Among them, though, this one has more intricacy and some essence of plot/some twists/etc., not much evident in the others.

Deusdedit D (kr) wrote: Parece otra propuesta divertida de Allen como sus filmes de desastres, pero peca de algo, y ese algo es importane: Viaje al Fondo Del Mar es aburrida, aburrida, aburrida. La trama es floja y ni sus apabulantes efectos ni su supercast la logran salvar.

Kyle E (de) wrote: Let The Silence Fall By LiveWihtStyle

bill s (au) wrote: Nice looking but bland and lifeless action supernatural blandfest.

Kaspar H (us) wrote: Probably my least-favorite Coen brothers movie. Bardem's character is so unconvincing, that the movie lacks any real edge and is not the least bit disturbing. Great cinematography though.

Greg S (jp) wrote: This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. The character's emotions swing wildly and impulsively resembling nothing more than cartoonish extrapolations of humanity. The concept sounded interesting, but the execution was awful. With a good cast like this I expected more - clearly this production had more money than sense.

Jennette B (gb) wrote: Super boring, weird, and uninteresting. :(