I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang

I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang

Warner Bros.' hard-hitting chain-gang movie was a faithful adaptation of the similarly titled autobiography of Robert Elliot Burns. Paul Muni plays World War I veteran James Allen, whose plans of becoming a master architect evaporate in the cold light of economic realities. Times get really tough when he's falsely convicted of a crime and forced to work on a chain gang.

Wrongly convicted James Allen serves in the intolerable conditions of a southern chain gang, which later comes back to haunt him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marilena G (it) wrote: Interesting and playful, it's not bad, if slightly childish.

Denise J (br) wrote: Completely predictable from the outset. Poor plot and little story a complete waste of your precious life time

Jim H (gb) wrote: Proper gash, wannabe "Crash" type sub-story with not a lot to it. Everything about this movie bored me.

Jonathan H (jp) wrote: Just catching up on a few movie ratings .

Junglekitty (gb) wrote: This is the cheesiest movie that I love!

Steve Allister F (de) wrote: I have no idea why this says that this movie is named after the boy, but I've always known this movie as "Shipwrecked". Came on the Disney channel a long time ago. The Disney Channel CALLED it "Shipwrecked".... Good pirate movie for younger audiences.

Justin S (gb) wrote: This used to be one of my favorite movies. Something about a bike...and some kid...I think it might have sucked.

Jan D (mx) wrote: Biografische film over middengewichtsbokser Rocky Graziano met de jonge Paul Newman in de hoofdrol. Deze rol was eigenlijk oorspronkelijk bedoeld voor James Dean, maar die was net voor het filmen begon tragisch om het leven gekomen in een auto-ongeval. Vandaar dat we Newman te zien krijgen in een voor hem beetje atypische rol, namelijk die van stoere bink met een "attitude". Degelijke film, ook al is ie intussen een beetje gedateerd. Eveneens de debuutfilm van Steve McQueen.

GirlMelody L (fr) wrote: Had to see the original before I saw the remake! Not a bad little movie!!

Buggy B (gb) wrote: This is a sexy, fun, trashy and sweet movie. I've watched it a couple times now because the dancing on the bar scenes are kinda awesome -although as a former bartender seeing the girls work also just makes me feel exhausted. I remember those endless busy nights, pasting a smile on and going home with the sunrise too well. Anyways, I enjoyed Violet (Piper Perabo) here, especially the relationship she has with her dad (John Goodman) The romance angle is kinda meh as is the whole (inherited) struggling to become a songwriter with stage fright in NY. Still one of those guilty pleasure movies people don't admit to watching. 12.30.13 (3)"A songwriter tries to make it in NY. When the industry doors slam in her face, she takes a job in a rowdy bar where female bartenders whip the crowd into a frenzy with sexy shenanigans."

Gary P (us) wrote: Didnt really like the plot and as good as the actors are in there roles just didnt enjoy it

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Paul N (de) wrote: Dark and depressing. Great comedy actors... Not so great dramatic actors.

TonyPolito (ca) wrote: Visually pleasing, but the scriptwork is pure bore-fest. Crisp colors and camerawork extensively gander at 1970ish Alpine slopes and townships, while Redford races down them - and around them in a yellow Porsche Carrera 911. Imagine the perfect 1968 long-legged Euro-blonde dressed in a YSL miniskirt and pearl white lipstick and you've got a fair fix on Redford's love interest, Camilla Sparv. And, of course, this is Redford at his most pretty-boy handsome. Otherwise, there really nothing else on the menu. RECOMMENDATION: Pleasant enough nostalgic TCM viewing while I worked my desk - and that's the best that can be said of it.

Alex S (de) wrote: Scott Cooper certainly showed potential in this movie with strong direction and a strong script. It gets very predictable and its message is overused, but with a tour de force performance from Jeff Bridges and some good back-up performances, Crazy Heart is a worthwhile experience.