I Am a Girl

I Am a Girl

Six girls coming of age, ready to become something extraordinary.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English,French,Khmer,Tok Pisin
  • Reference:Imdb
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Six girls coming of age, ready to become something extraordinary. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


I Am a Girl torrent reviews

Brian H (gb) wrote: this movie should be forever lost!

John G (br) wrote: Props for their graphics and debunking astrology and religion with fact and history. However it soon goes off the deep end into "correlation is causality" business that so very closely mirrors religious fanaticism that they shoot down in the beginning of the film. If you're looking for an example of how conspiracy addiction is just like religion (with the omnipotent omniscient force being evil mortals rather than a benevolent god), look no further than this film.

Ian B (fr) wrote: Hated it, and I loved the first one. The first House of the Dead made fun of modern zombie movies by using Matrix effect and corny settings, yet the zombies looked really good, like the ones from Burial Ground. Instead, in this movie, the zombies looked terrible, like the ones from Sean of the Dead(which was a good movie, just had stupid looking zombies), and took itself, including its jokes, seriously. It was made for TV and you can tell. What a waste of time. This is what happens when you fuck with something Uwe Boll did right.

Briain d (ca) wrote: Too violent and swear-ridden to be interesting.

Brent M (ru) wrote: Dang, I used to like this movie, when I saw it again, I was a bit disappointed at how limited it was. I remember it being a bit deeper and meaningful lol. At least theres a happy ending.

Logan M (es) wrote: Kevin Smith's deepest film by far.

James M (ag) wrote: Well made but boring adventure about a Neanderthal tribe on a search for a source of fire after an attack from a rival tribe.There's absolutely no dialogue in the film and is presented as a documentary-style, Walking With Cavemen film.The makeup and costume design elements of bringing pre-man to the screen is impressive but with no dialogue in the film this amounts to little more than a series of National Geographic pictures.

Angelina C (nl) wrote: This was one of the most profound movie!!! I saw this movie when I was 8 and I still love it.

Alan G (fr) wrote: well worth watching cant wait for a new series

Kevin M (fr) wrote: A good positive movie for the African american community. been a favorite of mine since the mid 80's

STCENTERPRISE (es) wrote: What stood out to me and I was really impressed with was that music quality and performances were outstanding. I was surprised when the music boarding house helped out a stranger based upon his performance with a harmonica so much so they were giving Jimmy Stewart a place to live and sacrificing all their musical instruments to be sold off in order to pay for Jimmy Stewart's bail out of jail. I also thought the opening scene stood out as memorable when Jimmy Stewart and his acting uncle tried to have a discussion in the loudest musical room in the building.I really liked the film and was extremely impressed with the musical talent in the film. The music is excellent. The scene at the dinner table is the most impressive scene out of the film to sync the actions so well with the exact timing to the movements. It is a very complex movement for so manny people in the film. What I like most is the way they use the music. It is not presented in a cheesy way where people are just singing to sing but there singing and playing for a reason. This film is also funny. It is ironic how Jimmy Stewarts uncle is almost a complete opposite of Jimmy Stewarts character. His uncle is a wealthy business man, despises music, and has few friends where as Jimmy Stewarts character is in debt, loves music with a talent for the harmonica, and has many friends.