I Am Curious (Blue)

I Am Curious (Blue)

The same movie with the same characters, cast and crew as I am Curious (Yellow), but with some different scenes and a different political slant. The political focus in Blue is personal relationships, religion, prisons and sex. Blue omits much of the class consciousness and non-violence interviews of the first version. Yellow and Blue are the colors of the Swedish flag.

The same movie with the same characters, cast and crew as I am Curious (Yellow), but with some different scenes and a different political slant. The political focus in Blue is personal ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


I Am Curious (Blue) torrent reviews

Brandon B (mx) wrote: Really I love this saga, but...I have a problem with this part...I love it...only...I don't Know, i needed somtihg more or something different :/

Sara J (us) wrote: wach this movie and you will be given that name "psycho man/woman who watches pshyco movies about psycho people doing psycho things" dont watch the movie, and dont get the name I got

Inna H (jp) wrote: The story was totally unreal, but Matthew Goode was soooooooooooo charming <3

WS W (kr) wrote: I can't remember if I had watched this but never mind, I can tell exactly what's going on even without watching it... ugh.

Carlos I (es) wrote: Good old fashioned cartoony humor and action. Still a fun flick. Remember when Bruce Willis actually used to try, and didn't just phone in every performance...?

Sarah M (de) wrote: this was an amazing story and totally captivated me as a child

Tera H (ag) wrote: I had nightmares about that doll.

Jenna I (fr) wrote: There is just enough self-awareness in this film to make it enjoyable. Sexism? Check. Random gay bashing joke? Check. BUT... in the context of the film it feels more like its painting a picture of a time and place moreso than its exploiting. It was basically just Burt Reynolds being his hairy, sweaty self, trying to do some good in the face of the corrupt law. And as that, it's surprisingly entertaining.So if you like car chases and southern one liners ("I'm only afraid of two thangs... women and the po-lice!"), this here White Lightning t'ain't a bad'un to put yoh's lookin'balls on. (Disclaimer/apology: I'm born and raised in New York City.)

keith s (jp) wrote: Want to make your Thanksgiving unforgettable? Why not bring BLOOD FREAK and show it to your whole family! It's a wonderful little film about an Elvis impersonator who turns into a blood-sucking monster turkey after eating experimented chicken and smoking pot; and he feasts on the blood of drug-addicts. That's not all. He redeems himself at the end by giving his life to Jesus. So basically this is an anti drug, pro Christian, gore film from the 1970s about a monster turkey. Please, don't waste anymore time with your life, go buy this little gem now and experience it for yourself.

dan b (au) wrote: Those krazy kids from the beach Frankie and Annette are back for more hi-jinks and this time they brought Don Rickles, Buddy Hackett, and Little Stevie Wonder(sorry flixster you're wrong that's not James Brown) along for the ride. My only real complaint is no Eric Von Zipper.

Art S (gb) wrote: This early Godard feature is all about Anna Karina - she is in virtually every scene and the script blurs her real life (born in Denmark, travelled to France) and her character (a stripper who wants to get pregnant, but her boyfriend is not keen). Actually, it is hard to know whether the plot actually does reflect issues in the Karina/Godard relationship or not but he suggested that elements were taken from the Ernst Lubitsch comedy "Design for Living" which sees Gary Cooper and Frederic March in a menage-a-trois with Miriam Cooper. Here, Jean-Claude Brialy is the boyfriend and Jean-Paul Belmondo is his friend who is solicited to impregnate Karina - in jest or not, we don't know - and the Belmondo character is actually named Lubitsch. So, the whole thing is rather playful and this extends to Godard's treatment of the soundtrack, which threatens to see the characters leap into song and dance but then stops short. Indeed, the music obtrusively blurts out at the wrong moments consistently throughout the film, making the film seem self-consciously organized according to some secret directorial intentions to which the audience is not privy. This is certainly in line with my views of Godard, particularly as his career progresses after his early hits - he is inscrutably intellectual, working out his own concerns according to a theoretical logic all his own. Critical and cultural theorists have found this a rich vein to mine. However, for the casual viewer, there is enough to enjoy in the vibrant colours (in widescreen with cinematography by Coutard) and stylistic experimentation (breaking the fourth wall, etc.) even if the plot is ridiculous and the whole thing tends toward the abstract (but again not as abstract as Godard would later become).


Noname (fr) wrote: Two goofy actors in this comedy , Will Ferrell and Jon Heder ( Napoleon Dynamite) . This movie was okey with some funny scenes and decent story but i thought it should have been even more funnier than it was. Anyway its a worth seeing comedy.

Joseph S (de) wrote: Butts. Weird face touching. Double Cage.

Rangan R (gb) wrote: A guide on how to get through during unemployment.I thought I have seen almost all the films of Jim Carrey, but then I found that's not true, so I decided to start with this. This is a remake of the 70s film or you could say the second screen adaptation of the novel of the same name. I haven't seen the other version, but I must admit that I enjoyed it thoroughly. This is not the greatest comedy I have ever seen, but still so good with great performances, particularly Jim Carrey's.A simple storyline, a couple loses their jobs and they find hard to get another. They begin to lose one by one, everything that belongs to them and finally the house is the last thing they want to lose. So they plan to do something very serious thing to tackle their situation and seems its working out so well, but for how long. Then comes their masterplan to the permanent solution and how they accomplish it is what leads to the conclusion.The film was so fast, feels too short or like a TV episode. That means makes us to feel to have more, but it ends very nice way. The story might feel silly, but the comedies are so good. And if you like Jim Carrey and his trademark jokes, then you would have a great time. Truly, I haven't seen a good comedy from the recent time releases, so I'm happy I saw this, even though it is a decade old. There's no serious negative stuffs in it like drugs, sex or nudity, so I think it is okay for family viewing.7/10

Andrew L (au) wrote: After viewing the trailer, this film seemed like an interesting take on the superhero medium. But after only a few minutes in I completely lost interest. It is neither a clever nor amusing comedy to say the least, and seems to be more focused on the topic of sex then developing any credible story narrative

Michael V (fr) wrote: "Nowhere as close as good as the brilliant first but it's a pretty good sequel, it's entertaining. Collins Pennie as Chance gives a pretty good performance for not a well-known actor as for Pooch Hall. Kiely Williams is extremely gorgeous and sexy here, she's gotten so beautiful over the years. Columbus Short has a cameo and it's pretty good one."