I Am Kalam

I Am Kalam

An impoverished boy forms an unlikely and unstable friendship with the lonely son of a nobleman.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Hindi,Rajasthani,Panjabi,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:remake,   train,   soldier,  

An impoverished boy forms an unlikely and unstable friendship with the lonely son of a nobleman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Drake H (br) wrote: God damn what an amazing movie. Loved every second of it.

Joseph E (ru) wrote: I can say it is Definetly a Rapp film and Deftly original, yet it is strangely absurd and dumbfounded to a t. I was so dissapointed by Ferrell's acting(a little to over the top), Ed Harriss was freakishly fun, yet Deschanel was uncanningly perfect.When I think of Winter's Passing, I think of one of the most offbeat, yet thourghouly engaging films of all time. It is also a family dramadey that is not at all unhinged by it's deftly(in this case Deathly) morbid, if unrelenting humor, or it's realism. For me this location(somewhere in Michigan or Winsconson) is a big part of the film. It sets the tome and attitue for the whole movie. I'm sure we have all moved our whole bed outside and slept in the backyard atleast once, or if not, you might soon try it just for theheck of it(maybe even move in the garage?) Winter's Passing has a very BIG askewness to it. It really is very adacious and bold, and also a very obligue comey. It doesn't take it's self to seriously, and Zooey Deschanal really made her roleinto a love her or her hate, can't live without her kind of character. Ed Harris..wait a second that was Ed Harris? The same Ed Harris from Radio, The Truman Show, and The Rock? What a transformation! He was rather impressive in his role. He had more idiosyncratiesthen a man with oc, ad, an was taking pcp.(yes wiered thatn that.) Will Ferral felt kind of stiff. His role seeme to be kind of not his kind of comey, but he wasn't too bad. He looked more funny, that he acted.(Okay,that was cruel, but the truth always hurt, I should know). Adam Rapp wrote and directed this film, and I am willing to bet he was drug-addled during one of those two processes. I think the writing. What do you think?

Steven G (es) wrote: caught enough to know that while MR is a great Lex Luthor, I really don't care about this movie

Petros T (it) wrote: For the most part, "Dark Blue" is a surprisingly well-directed and engaging movie. In fact, if it wasn't for the highly predictable and melodramatic ending, this would have been a completely satisfying action flick.

The M (es) wrote: HBO Shows nothing but gold.. Or do they?

Ariel C (ru) wrote: not one of jackies funniest but i still liked it

Lilianetty l (es) wrote: I may say it's not as the critics call it, cause it's NOT FINAL FANTASY and neither AKIRA. Anyway, what the HELL does them KNOW about ANIME & MANGA? NOTHING XD Plot: They just found a new Ark of Noah (Arca de Noe) and they think is from aliens (humans?) and the bad guys send some cyborgs and a child (experimented child, poor him) to get that Ark. But Spriggan will help his race? Will the Ark get restored, destroyed or give away to God? What this cyborg need to understand? So many questions if I may, but just watch the film and ignore critics (who this time, are not pro's at all). Some stars for this interesting story-telling. Music: Interesting taste, a score with true music and talent. So many instruments and so many power going on. I just enjoyed it so much, I give it as many stars I want. To end this short review (amazing anime based on an amazing manga books with so much feeling and passion as it is), 3 & a half stars of 5. It has rythm (sometimes it failed to give to much violence and cuts and gore, yes, I do HATE violence). And yes! I saw it in Spain's castellano accent. Loved it that way. Enjoy my very short review and bless you all. Soon 2011 will be here, yey!

Elena D (de) wrote: l'amore tab di Verlaine e Rimbaud

Robert H (kr) wrote: With a story that's very similar to the first film (instead of psychics we get paranormal investigators) and the killing off of the main bad guy that's almost identical, it's nice to know that this outing in the Puppet Master series does have a few major changes. First is the addition of the new puppet Torch. Can't argue with a flame throwing nazi puppet. Second is the rebirth of Toulon using the animation serum. Basically the puppets bring him back and end up creating a character that looked like he came directly from the film The Invisible Man all bandaged up so you couldn't see his rotting corpse. Unfortunately, Toulon is also my biggest problem in this film. In the first film (and other films in the series) he's presented as a caring loving old man. In this film he's turned into a love mad crazy psychopath using his puppets to kill. Didn't he mention in the first film that he didn't want the puppets getting into the wrong hands? That someone might use them for evil? Was he actually referring to himself??? It was nice to get a flashback that showed how Toulon came into the knowledge of animating puppets. Always a good thing to have some backstory if you can. Some of the kills are pretty good and I think there was probably a bit more gore in this film. The sex scenes are less kinky and more erotic than in the first film. I didn't like how Leech Woman and Tunneler were killed off though. Leech Woman wasn't a big loss but Tunneler was awesome! The film ends with one creepy scene. I thought seeing Toulon put into a giant mannequin was a little disturbing but seeing the final manequin was just bizarre! Fans of the series should get a good amount of entertainment from this one. I didn't particularly like the story so much and the film felt like it dragged but the stop motion was awesome so it helped make up for it.

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Dave V (nl) wrote: It must have been the Russians! i thought this is a good movie, not a great movie. but i have to remember that this was made when the main fear was the Russians

Jovi J (nl) wrote: we watched this tonight at home with the kids. it was confusing for the 5 year old. I was constantly explaining the issue about fake and real. I think this is one of the weakest Disney animated movie I have seen. ending was okay, at least some redemption there. Mittens (I think) is the strongest character that added most value to the movie.

James S (ru) wrote: Horrific and difficult to watch. Incredible acting, hard to get through and impossible to forget.