I Am Maria

I Am Maria

A story about a strange friendship between 11 years old Maria and an older man Jon.

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Boatie D (jp) wrote: Despite the obvious mental disabilities of the critics that commented on this movie my family and I found it to be hilariously funny, and at the sametime the action and plot keeps you wanting to see more the only disappointment of the movie is that there is likely no chance of a sequel. Thank you critics for ruining ever good movie series that comes out because your to hip to admit you like something!!!!!!!!!

Paul D (ag) wrote: Wonderful wildlife photography, but not the best choice of voice-over. Queen Latifah continually feels like she is talking to the audience of Sesame Street.

Grayson W (us) wrote: Kind of fun, but ultimately cheesy teen horror movie with strong 90s vibe.

Joel A (fr) wrote: A charming witty drama about two Italian Brothers desperately trying to keep in business against the much more popular restaurant down the street.Filled with clever dialogue & fun scenes, this is in many ways at typical film but with some unique twists.The key part of the film is when they are putting on a dinner for a key celebrity & the food they prepare is utterly mouth watering. It's a nice film with a nice tempo.

Ian C (es) wrote: Baldwin's performance is up their with his legendary turn as 'Blake' in the excellent 'Glengary Glen Ross'. Fred Ward as always adds some class to the excellent black comedy.

Alyssa C (gb) wrote: My mom recommended this movie, and I trusted her, because she's usually right--and this was no exception, though I didn't think it was as great as she said it was. Sure, it's cute, funny, and all the other aspects that are ascribed to romantic comedies. But it's not particularly laugh-out-loud funny, and it's fairly predictable and unoriginal in scope. However, the characters are fairly likeable.

Jeff D (ru) wrote: Verhoeven's best from his early years.

Demonic N (de) wrote: This looks really crap.

Isadore H (us) wrote: Die Hard is a classic Christmas movie starring Bruce Willis as a cop visiting LA. Die Hard manages to be both a high-octane action thriller and an overall fun movie to watch, there really aren't many negatives about this aside from being a tad long and predictable in my opinion. Bruce Willis is a badass and Alan Rickman eats the screen in his villain role. This is a great movie to pop in and watch without much trouble

Caleb A (fr) wrote: It's an alright movie. Not that scary.