I Am What I Am

I Am What I Am

Bernard meets Jane in a Night Club, in London, and he likes her. Her father was killed in a car accident, but Jane thinks he has been killed because he was blackmailed for a picture of his ...

Bernard meets Jane in a Night Club, in London, and he likes her. Her father was killed in a car accident, but Jane thinks he has been killed because he was blackmailed for a picture of his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Agatha T (es) wrote: Weird, crazy, funny....great cinematography and acting. The first half was so funny but as the movie progressed the writing and direction fell apart. The deeper meaning will be lost on so many people because of all the sophomoric jokes overshadow the seriousness of it.

Viet Phuong N (nl) wrote: This is NOT an Ip Man film that casual fans of "kung fu films" will enjoy, but this is the kind of film that I enjoy the most. The film defers from any kind of dramatic build-up through climax or twist-and-turn, and instead fully focuses on depicting Ip Man as, "shockingly enough", a man, an ordinary man. This Ip Man loves and excels at martial art, but unlike the normal image of a cinematic and heroic Ip Man like in the other films (except Wong Kar-wai's "The Grandmaster", which has its position in a totally different category), this Ip Man hardly shows off his skills, he even sometimes succumbs to loneliness, retreat and, as "unheroic" as it is, collapses under utter sorrow. This film is much less entertaining than any other Ip Man film, but much more thought-provoking through not only the strangely quite life of Ip Man himself, but also the open-ended stories of the people around him - a police inspector who seems to be corrupted but still keeps in his heart the righteousness of wuxia, a beautiful singer who adores Ip Man with all her soul but suddenly disappears without explanation, a wife who seems to love Ip Man a lot but still leaves him to go back to their hometown and never sees him again until her death. The beauty of this film is that those stories are not, by any mean, exploited to heighten the drama or create the climax for the film. Herman Yau seems to not care at all about climax or dramatic factors, since he just deals with the "real climaxes" of the film in the most casual way possible by just nonchalantly laying them along the plot line and not even caring to conclude them in a more satisfactory way for the casual audience. Yau only cares about depicting the life of Ip Man as honest as possible, and luckily enough he has his job done with great support from sublime performance by Anthony Wong despite a quite weak supporting cast. This is not a film for pure fun, but a film to reflect about the philosophy of wuxia, and actually the philosophy of life, where people, no matter how "awesome" or heroic they are, can only choose one meaningful thing to follow to the end of their life to make their own life become meaningful.

Ryan A (ru) wrote: What I got to say about "The Grand Budapest Hotel" is such a wonderful film. "It's stunning, funny, really vibrant, imaginative and very fast paced of a movie for my opinion." The performances by the cast is really good. The directing and screenplay by Wes Anderson is good. The cinematography is gorgeous to look at. The score by Alexandre Desplat is perfect. "I personally love the sound, it's good music to my ears!" Finally, the effects is good as well. "I have to report that "The Grand Budapest Hotel" is a refreshing movie of the year of 2014."

Cynthia T (fr) wrote: heartwarming and funny. don't know why such low reviews. i love quirky characters.

Tsubaki S (au) wrote: Redundant and empty action sequences, one dimensional socio-political commentary and jerky camera movements hurts Red Eagle badly. Add some vapid cliche characters (comic relief detective, love interest for the hero) and the movie ends up in the same alley where every single mediocre super hero movie of the last 15 years is. Mr Wisit, you can do way better than this.

Paul G (br) wrote: Sounds funny, I'll watch almost anything once.

Duncan P (mx) wrote: In simplest terms: Abis Mal.

Gaurav T (it) wrote: This was an amazing movie.........shocking new for bollywood........and I still remember I waited for its sequel for so long !!!!! Even one hollywood producer bought this script and planned to cast Morgan Freeman as Big B.....though no news of its making has still arrived......but good movie!!!

Ken S (kr) wrote: If you've ever watched a movie and thought "too much movie!" Have I gotta picture for you! "Stunt Rock" is pretty much just an incoherent mess about a stunt man doing ridiculous stunts just for fun, and a crazy early heavy metal band that fused its stage show with magicians. It is all weird and pointless...but if you want some good stunts and like 70s era metal...you may find some enjoyment in the ridiculousness of the whole thing.

Ryan K (au) wrote: One of the most beautiful films ever made. Astounding artistry on every level.

Hannah H (ru) wrote: This is such and interesting and memorable movie. One of my favorite foreign films because of its unique filmography and refreshingly original subject matter. Touching, relevant, and captivating, I would recommend it to anyone.