I Became a Criminal

I Became a Criminal

In this gritty film noir, cynical ex-RAF flyer Morgan, bored with civilian life, joins a break-in gang led by Narcy. On his first job, the getaway car crashes after killing a policeman. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Todd N (jp) wrote: This is obviously an amateur movie and if watching it with that in mind I can appreciate it for what it is. The production value is very low, it almost appears to have been filmed with high quality home video equipment. The camera work and sound make old-time BBC seem smooth. The scene shots feel unnatural. There are few close ups and the ones that are there are off in their timing. The sound is very uneven, I got up adjust the volume a few times but by the time I got up the sound shifted again. The sound track volume overwhelm the volume of the voices. The actors seem to be that of community theater. The storytelling is disjointed. The narrative shifts a number of times, I assume to spread the story out. If it was successful I would appreciate this as the Dracula story has been told so many times that breaking the scenes up a bit would be fresh. But the transitions are off, particularly where the flashbacks end. There are a number of scenes that should have been cut or edited so they don't drag on.I believe that this movie is trying to achieve "so bad it's good" but it just doesn't "zing". I believe a good editor might be able to achieve that "lofty" goal. All other issues are overshadowed by the poor sound quality and editing. That is the biggest problem with the movie and the camera work is the second.

Robyn (jp) wrote: this is a Sequal to Christmas Shoes,which i didnt see,but i found this to be very touching,although sad

Kimberley Q (nl) wrote: I thought the movie was great

Caleb H (nl) wrote: This is a huge step back from the first goofy but still funny meet the parents. The humor tries so hard to throw a lot of jokes but they rarely work. I do not like the performances from the focker family and Ben stiller is a lot less funny. I bumped up the score to 1 1/2 stars because Robert de Niro is not as funny but still can get a laugh once in a while. Many jokes are lazy

Tom H (au) wrote: Pretty good actually. A fine contrast to Gus Van Sant`s "Elephant".

Jaye P (jp) wrote: Very charming and affecting film. The US remake, No Reservations, is apparently ordinary. Big shock.

Courtney T (kr) wrote: I've never heard of this. Could be fun.

Karen H (nl) wrote: 2014-07-07 watched with hubby

Greg R (mx) wrote: This film is absolutely brilliant. Like many of Kubrick's films, I didn't love this movie the first time I saw it, in fact, I didn't really get it. Yet, watching it again, I realize theres a lot to work off of and think about. Kubrick considered this film to be one of his best films he has directed, and so do I.

Kyle B (de) wrote: A haunting and chilling thriller with some of the darkest material I have seen Tom Hanks clinging too. He gives a great performance as does Paul Newman, Stanley Tucci, and Daniel Craig. Sam Mendes is one of the best directors working right now and this is definitely a good example why I think that. The cinematography by Conrad Hall in his final movie is excellent especially in the final 20 minutes. The costumes, art direction, sound, and definitely the score are all amazing as well.

MariePier D (es) wrote: Just watch it, it has funny, sweet, magic and illusion all in one.

Rick H (de) wrote: Sympa! vite vite le 4 faut je me le trouve!Et le retour de Rhona Mitra^^

Al K (nl) wrote: Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul D (mx) wrote: Pretty good chase movie from Disney, although it's a sugar coated one given it's for children.