A sadistic voyeuristic killer is stalking the city. 3 curious teenagers while spying on their neighbors believe they've discovered his identity. But when your holiday high rise apartment is filled with hidden CCTV cameras. Who is really watching who?

A sadistic voyeuristic killer is stalking the city. 3 curious teenagers while spying on their neighbors believe they've discovered his identity. But when your holiday high rise apartment is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


I.C.U. torrent reviews

Harry A (jp) wrote: Entertaining despite the cliches.

Damon S (it) wrote: A wonderfully twisted and delightful tale of psychological thrills. The Asylum is a delightful character in itself. The story springs forth from Poe's delightfully twisted mind. The acting is done quite well with Jim, Kate, Ben and Michael anchoring a great performance. This story has a delightful romance with an interestingly fascinating ending. I totally recommend this film.

Chris R (kr) wrote: I really enjoyed this. Great performances by all.

Jakob K (nl) wrote: A powerful, intense portrait of a man fighting despite his age played strongly by Hal Holbrook.

nickhits d (ca) wrote: decent. stupid funny thats all it was

WinnerDoggy A (de) wrote: Wonderful family film, or one for those of us who love animals, and just want to watch a good movie. I would say that Duma (the cat) is the star. The movie is predictable and follows a sappy story line, but the appeal is there.

Adayla S (us) wrote: A classic film that I look forward to sharing with my own kids.

C H (us) wrote: Filme baseado no livro de Lolita Pille.

Brad W (es) wrote: A guilty pleasure for some reason. It's an interesting and different movie.

Brian V (it) wrote: engaging, insightful, no-filler movie about french jesuits' pursuits in quebec

Jamey B (es) wrote: Nothing was spoiled for me since I never saw the previews, so it was actually a pretty decent movie without any spoilers. There obvious lack of judgment and common sense moments in this film that are laughable

Brittany R (it) wrote: Ginger Rogers has that "Meg Ryan-like" charm in this movie. This was probably one of the main reasons for why I was so quickly drawn into the character, then very quickly the actual story. Kitty was pretty much perfect in every way. It seemed that she showed some weaknesses, too. Some tears. This made it out to be a little more accurate to real life, and I appreciated this. I don't normally love anything that has to do with "women looking forward and being independent," yet I'm constantly drawn to these sorts of movies. Well, the good ones..

Matthew M (ca) wrote: Smith and Jones are a hilarious tandem in a sci-fi flick that manages to be as funny as it is thrilling.

Ben L (nl) wrote: I doubt I have to explain the plot of this film because it seems that everyone except me has either seen the movie or read the book (or both.) I loved watching how McMurphy's carefree attitude influenced all the other patients. His joy for life was infectious and you could see it as everyone started to become stronger and stood up for themselves. Jack Nicholson was brilliant in the part, and everyone else in the star-studded cast was simply amazing as well. It's a tough movie to watch, though, because everything keeps going wrong. Whenever we are given a slight ray of hope it comes crashing down. And that's a cycle that continues over and over again throughout the film, to the point of annoying repetition. I also found it odd, after all I heard about this film, how mild Nurse Ratched seemed. She certainly manipulates the patients unfairly and is the driving force behind many of McMurphy's problems, but it never felt like she was approaching her care of the patients with wholly malicious intent as I was expecting (perhaps there was more in the book.) I thought the lack of score through most of the film was an interesting choice. It begins and ends with an off-putting tune (played on a saw if I'm not mistaken) but otherwise they just let the dialogue take center stage. This does help, though, to accentuate when the tedious classical music is being played over the PA system and makes it sound just as annoying to our ears as it did to McMurphy. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is a heavy film that takes a tough look at what drives the human spirit, and what can crush it as well. The ending is simultaneously depressing and hopeful which is a real challenge. I can absolutely see why this is a beloved story, and I would gladly watch it again (my opinion might go up if I do) but for now some of its flaws just stood out to me too much, perhaps because I was expecting perfection based on all the positive buzz.

Vadim D (jp) wrote: This wasn't worth the budget that was spent on it, which I am sure was very heavy. The effects are great, but there is nothing else in this story...no suspense, no real script, no tension, and mediocre to bad acting. Not worth the time.

Rubster (us) wrote: For the sheer, irrisistable, god damn glamour of it all! Guillermo Diaz is amazing!