I Can Do Bad All by Myself

I Can Do Bad All by Myself

When Madea catches sixteen-year-old Jennifer and her two younger brothers looting her home, she decides to take matters into her own hands and delivers the young delinquents to the only ...

When Madea, a hard-living nightclub singer, catches her children looting her home, she decides to send the young delinquents to the only relative they have: their aunt April. But later Madea discovers the importance of family with the help of a handsome Mexican immigrant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tori H (mx) wrote: This is certainly a "gripping thriller" if you find yourself regularly enthralled by scotch tape. There's plenty of eye candy for the period piece enthusiast, but, unfortunately, a plot that makes murder and espionage seem pale and boring.

Sgt C (br) wrote: (12%)If you think really hard, and do a bit of mental arithmetic, you'll probably come to the conclusion that of all the bad horror movies of the past so many years this could almost be considered a mild highlight of sorts. But then again does this even qualify as an actual horror movie in the first place? As a very good portion of the runtime is much more of a drama than anything else with only a small section at the beginning and at the end even resembling a horror picture. So it doesn't really qualify as a horror, and the vast bulk of teen based drama that makes up everything else is just bland, forgettable, and flat. The only thing this has going for it is Jennifer Lawrence who is clearly too good for the lame material she's given to work with, and the twist isn't exactly terrible in a kind of camp fire style way, but it clearly lacks enough substance for it to be made into a full length movie. My advice: skip this and watch a real horror movie instead.

Sgt C (ru) wrote: (65%)An entertaining survival movie filled with fantastic location work, a good cast, and a big angry bear. The plot is very simple which allows the action and meat of the story to unfold, including some very intense bear based attacks that work well and are quite terrifying. Anyone with any interest in these fight for survival movies really should give this a watch, as even though it's a touch too Hollywood, it's still very entertaining and hugely watchable.

David T (de) wrote: Started off at a really weird pace with only Cloris Leachman's performance keeping the interest. There were some effective sequences but most of the film you're left feeling bored or questioning where it's going. Not the good kind of questioning. It's visually creepy but nothing that will make you sleep with a light on at night. If the filmmakers were trying to homage such films as "Freaks" or "Spider Baby" than I may consider withdrawing my not so favorable review. I mean this wasn't at all a terrible film. Just not a great one. I really don't know what I think. Didn't love it, didn't hate it. I would say the biggest flaw is that it's mismatched.

Tobias L (nl) wrote: the difference between this and most of the glut of werewolf movies is that at least this one tries to impress. I feel the ending was ruined by the promise of a sequel. Why do these writers have to be so obvious?? But this is worth a look but don't go out of your way to track it down.

James G (mx) wrote: Edgy and halarious. Challenges popular culture in a funny and intelligent way.

Kevin R (fr) wrote: You're supposed to flush that not smoke it Mike Murphy is the co-owner of a private eye service. He and his partner have been hired to investigate a case that uncovers a local gang. The gang kills Murphy's partner leaving him to recruit the aid of a local detective that he despises. Together, the detective and Murphy hunt down the gang and strategically bring down their operation. "Is everything alright?" "Alright for me, not so good for him." Richard Benjamin, director of The Money Pit, Milk Money, Mermaids, My Stepmother is an Alien, and Marci X, delivers City Heat. The storyline for this picture reminded me of a cross between Harlem Nights and Red Heat. The script for this picture is marvelous and well delivered by Reynolds and Clint Eastwood. The cast delivers solid performances and also includes Richard Roundtree, Rip Torn, Madeline Kahn, and Jane Alexander. "You were hit by a truck." "What truck?" "The next truck one that comes along." I was looking for Eastwood movies to watch and was shocked I had never heard of this movie. I was fascinated by a time piece (early 30s) that starred the odd pairing of Reynolds and Eastwood. This film was worth viewing and contained very entertaining dialogue; however, the plot and storyline was fairly mediocre and nothing special overall. I do recommend seeing this film but it may not be worth adding to your DVD collection. "I'm covered in gasoline." "Get the hell away from me." Grade: B

Michael W (it) wrote: Peter Boyle is the show here, easily outshining everyone else... ending went for the sensational (unfortunately).

Simeon M (br) wrote: Funny Face is a heartwarming musical that is a must-see for lovers of movie musicals. Audrey Hepburn's character is endearing as is Fred Astaire's, and Kay Thompson does a wonderful job of portraying the Quality Magazine mogul. If you enjoy classic Parisian imagery, this movie is for you as well.

Jose Luis M (br) wrote: La vi por segunda vez y me pareci mucho mejor, a veces los segundos visionados son necesarios, no tiene que envidiar a su remake que es un cl sico.

Francisco F (mx) wrote: Moins beau que L'Appat, mais on retrouve ici la belle aprete du cinema de Mann.

Bill M (es) wrote: Only for the Stanwyck fanatics (like me).

Wil R (ag) wrote: A good movie about the resistance to the Holocaust by some in the military and others in the church.

Obinna O (us) wrote: Totally loved the movie. It was surgical and deep. It took me into the writers mind and in all honesty I felt every emotion. Totally related with the movie.... Great acting.....

Kiel M (br) wrote: Thought this would be a quirky romantic comedy, but it was far darker and macabre than that. Not entirely unenjoyable but not an easy movie to watch without knowing what you're getting into. Far more dystopian melodrama than anything.

Judy T (jp) wrote: A delightful, fun film, full of great characters. The story is well written. We love watching this film over and over. It's become part of our annual St. Patrick's Day movie celebration.