I Can Hardly Wait

I Can Hardly Wait

The stooges are defense workers who have trouble getting to sleep when Curly gets a toothache. Moe and Larry try various ways to remove the offending tooth, but nothing works so they take Curly to the dentist. While Moe gets in the chair to show Curly how easy its going to be, the dentist enters and pulls Moe's tooth by mistake. Curly then wakes up and realizes its all been a dream and a punch to the mouth from Moe dislodges the tooth.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:19 minutes
  • Release:1943
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sneezing,   slapstick,   safe,  

The stooges are defense workers who have trouble getting to sleep when Curly gets a toothache. Moe and Larry try various ways to remove the offending tooth, but nothing works so they take ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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brett l (ag) wrote: Hate big oil, so I'm glad that this movie sort of showed how horrible these companies are. But, that being said, it's still hard to feel for the workers. Great action though!

Gage W (es) wrote: I see a lot of scrutiny on how action thrillers today are simply implausible and this film got that type of rating from Rotten Tomatoes "top critics". Rotten Tomatoes top critics give this movie a squashed review of 25% saying that it is "nihilistic", "implausible", and "not possible". Now I do understand that to pull off all these stunts that Gerard Butlers character Clyde seems to do, does seem impossible, but do I remind you that just this last year Mexican drug lord El Chapo has done this sort of thing multiple times in maximum security prisons and that I do remind you is not Hollywood, but real life. While watching Law Abiding Citizen, I kept that in mind and that these things were absolutely not physically impossible, especially considering the movie states that he had 10 years to plan these diabolical plans. This film is rated R and I think that speaks for itself when I say do not bring your kids to this movie. The film is not only gory, contains sexual content, and also uses a decent amount of profane language, but it is also too complex for most kids to understand or even keep them entertained. This movie is great for a friends night for young adults or all action-thriller lovers. This movie has not one, but two great actors in Jamie Foxx starring as an everyday law attorney and Gerard Butler who stars as an inventor living happily with his family until a single knock at the door turns his life around. The movie gets into the thrill right away and never stops. If you liked the movie "The Gift" then you are sure to like this film, as they both keep you at the edge of your seat while also giving you some great action. I put this movie somewhere in my top 10 favorite films of all time, because of how this film intrigues my mind after every scene of what could possibly happen next, the small punch lines of comedy they throw at you, and also the great dose of action that is Law Abiding Citizen.

April S (mx) wrote: I love this Movie & I love U Usher Raymond

Paul K (es) wrote: Well, Colin Firth, Minnie Driver, Mary Steenburgen - how bad can it be, I thought? The cast did well with a terrible script. Minnie in particular gets some good lines as panto villainess, and delivers them well. Plausible it isn't. How ever did this get made? And why did these actors agree to make it?

Moya W (jp) wrote: Terrific acting, I could never have believed that it would be this good! It's also a miracle how Reese Witherspoon grew up from being a boys crush in this movie to be winning an oscar for playing June Carter in Walk the line. Really enjoyed this movie, I was hooked to the screen during the whole movie!

Michael H (jp) wrote: Waste of money on a re-release after her star flew across our sky. This movie sucks thru and thru. No Kidding !!!

John T (mx) wrote: Here's a character who will stay with you for life. The English subtitled version delivers a powerful punch because there's not a lot of dialogue, and the photography is stunning.

William G (ca) wrote: Katherine Hepburn turns in a marvelous performance in this library on the verge of computerization film. The even handedness of the story on both the tech savy and the old school is something that has been lacking in many films. It's also a treat to see Hepburn and Tracey's unusual, yet honest chemistry.

Johnny W (de) wrote: A phenomenal and exceptional film from beginning to end.

John K (br) wrote: A top Sinbad film. The minoton captured my imagination as a child and I have always remembered it.