I Can't Think Straight

I Can't Think Straight

I Can't Think Straight is a 2007 romance movie about a London-based Jordanian of Palestinian descent, Tala, who is preparing for an elaborate wedding. A turn of events causes her to have an affair and subsequently fall in love with another woman, Leyla, a British Indian. The movie is distributed by Enlightenment Productions. It was released in different theatres between 2008 and 2009. The DVD was released on 4 May 2009. The movie is directed by Shamim Sarif and stars Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth. The two actresses star in another movie with lesbian characters, namely The World Unseen, released in 2008.

In the upper echelons of traditional Middle Eastern society, Reema and Omar prepare for the marriage of their daughter Tala. But back at work in London, Tala encounters Leyla, a young ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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IOnell S (us) wrote: A destacar el tono realista de la pelcula, pero creo que a la mayora llegara a aburrir porque es un tema del da a da o mes a mes de una familia tradicional australiana. El ttulo de la pelcula ya atrae mucho por obvias razones, pero tiene nada que ver. Al final hay un desenlace tierno que por eso mereci la pena verla.

Maki N (ru) wrote: Abe Sadao's act was so funny. Best Maiko movie ever.

Cherry E (gb) wrote: An acting master class and a brilliantly toxic depiction of the charming facades of middle class society hiding a deeper bitterness and resentment underneath the niceties

Julia L (ru) wrote: This was a crappy movie. That's all I really have to say. It says a lot when you can concentrate on homework while watching a movie.

Michelle H (mx) wrote: Absolutely awesome film about an unknown but talented punk singer who cracks from the pressure of her fast rise to fame.

Stella D (ca) wrote: a mesmerizing film about the theater and aging, akin to 'all about eve' in many ways. knockout performance by gena rowlands in the bette davis role. extra star for joan blondell driving a trans am. one of cassavetes' very best

Michael T (fr) wrote: The mood is campy fun but the acting is atrocious.

Dyron W (mx) wrote: A hilarious classic blaxploitation film, mainly due to how badly made, written and acted it was and peppered with many memorable lines .

Davey M (nl) wrote: Hypnotic, beautiful, bizarre, it moves like some kind of underwater dream, with Bela Lugosi's eyes as the principal motif, and it's always fascinating to see pre-Romero zombies, which are all about mindless slave labor, as opposed to the post-Romero, mindlessly consumptive zombies, which are often about mindless consumption. The constraints of the low budget are clear, but this is still a beautiful production, with gorgeous visuals and some creative early sound design in scenes, and the use of the damsel in distress at the center of the film serves as a fascinating sort of objective correlative for a feminist reading.

Aditya M (ag) wrote: A dark comedy about a subject that you would not normally associate with levity.

Akhil A (fr) wrote: Paddy Considine....what..!! That was my initial reaction...A brilliant ,dark movie that juggles with a unemployed widower meets christian worker relationship..! What a fine surprise and what performances..! Kudos