I, Cesar

I, Cesar

Cesar is a young schoolboy living in Paris with his family. Their life is ordinary, but Cesar wants more excitement (which he creates, in one instance, by claiming to his teachers that his father has been arrested). During the school holidays, Cesar and his friend Sarah decide to help their mutual friend, Morgan, find his father who supposedly lives in London. Each one tells their parents that they're staying with the other two, and together they sneak out to begin their search.

Cesar is a young schoolboy living in Paris with his family. Their life is ordinary, but Cesar wants more excitement (which he creates, in one instance, by claiming to his teachers that his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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joyce k (au) wrote: Very creepy. Don't usually like found footage but this was superior to most. I think I may watch again to make sure I get everything offered by the director.

Tea Tea T (ag) wrote: C'est pas mauvais mais l'acteur principal ressemble trop Ramsy ... Impossible de passer sa tronche XD

Madeline M (gb) wrote: The idea of the journals was highly intriguing, and i could envision myself having the same anticipation as the creator did. The concept of involving the world to create a massive archive of the genuine feel for modern society's inner and outer projections based on happenings in the world. However, i think the actual journals are more interesting than the film. It was valuable to hear the stories of the people who had written in the journals, sometimes funny, and at times tear provoking, i even felt myself to become somewhat enraged by certain tales. It's the kind of film you watch once and it inspires you to allow your creativity to expand and you get an interesting collection of perspectives on the modern world. It's not the kind of film you watch over and over again, it's hard to find a documentary that has that quality.

Leyla R (kr) wrote: greta is my favourite female character ever.

Eric T (ag) wrote: Space Nazis? This movie is one of strangest I have seen in awhile. In a strange way, t's well done in some ways although the plot has Space Nazi sized issues...

joao b (ca) wrote: The Adventures of Tintin traz um uso da animao duma maneira esplendida, alem de trazer uma aventura divertida e bem dirigida.

Tristan H (us) wrote: Absolutely horrendous.

Wrik S (ru) wrote: The story of how people side with only those during their best times and not when they need them the most.. There was nothing but instant hatred for the 'wife' character in this movie.. But it also shows, that Rogue Trader Nick Leeson had a lot of heart, which we as normal human beings lack..

Eric F (nl) wrote: Just pure fun! This was one of my favorite movies in the 70's. One of my buddies and I went to see it at the theater twice in the same day.

Andrew S (au) wrote: I definitely agree with the critics with the love story, I thought it was out of place, and didn't make any sense. For the rest of the movie, it was very thrilling, and I really enjoyed it. For this reason I'm giving the movie 4.5 stars. A must watch.

Dana S (au) wrote: Definately interesting. At one moment the film would be 'drunk friends with a camera', then brilliant. Took awhile for the undead to show up. Also funny, the 'making of' is almost a long as the film!

Alexander E (es) wrote: Very funny. No one ever makes comedies that are different anymore. This one was, but its good.

Chris W (mx) wrote: The title of this short film pretty much says it all.When Errol Morris was still a fledgling director, he was given encouragement by Werner Herzog who told him that, if he completed a a feature film, he would eat one of his own shoes.Well, Morris made that film (Gates of Heaven), and Herzog, a man of his word, made good on the bet, which was captured by Les Blank, who, spurred by his experience here, agreed to follow Herzog into the jungle to capture the making of Fitzcarraldo, and that project became Blank's film Burden of Dreams.When I say the title says it all, I'm not kidding. There's a bit more to it than that, mostly stuff that illustrates Herzog's personality and beliefs, but this really is pretty straightforward.To put it in just a few words: this is odd, charming, and pure Werner Herzog.

Cee L (ca) wrote: Dangerous Liaisons is the better movie, but I loves me some Firth. It's not a bad movie, but the other version shattered my soul, which is a good review coming from me. I just felt "meh" after this one. So 3 stars seems fair. I was entertained.

Kody S (de) wrote: It's really a suave, cool film, but why did this get a rotten score of 11%?