I Cover the Waterfront

I Cover the Waterfront

An investigative reporter romances a suspected smuggler's daughter.

An investigative reporter romances a suspected smuggler's daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


I Cover the Waterfront torrent reviews

Qasim Arif S (ag) wrote: Good Comedy + Family Movie.......................................Good Work.............................

Karishma M (ru) wrote: My sister and I both think this movie is bomb. The action, twist, suspense, and everything!

l i n d (au) wrote: Same as the first movie... kind of boring at some times, but it's alright. Gosh, I haaate that woman x)

John C (it) wrote: Bonton ruined it : (

Atticus R (ca) wrote: Another past MIFF highlight.

Commissioner C (kr) wrote: Jean-Claude van Damme?! OK.

Dave S (fr) wrote: Neither good enough or bad enough to hold my attention.

Orlok W (nl) wrote: An exciting 'all could done' story with many humor--An enjoyable 'whodunnit' with an all star cast!!

Darren B (it) wrote: Stay away from this one. Absolutely brutal!!

aaron s (br) wrote: All I can say is "Why George Lucas"

Din J (fr) wrote: Refreshing change of role for Daniel Craig and the adult cast are faultless. Mrs Rodgers has some cracking lines. Great direction and beautiful cinematography in both the States and the UK. Could go on to say much more but some of these reviews merely confuse. I'll just add that if you're human and don't mind a few tears then check out this movie.

Emi3 (au) wrote: really enjoyed it :)