I'd Receive the Worst News from Your Beautiful Lips

I'd Receive the Worst News from Your Beautiful Lips

Set in a small town in Pará in the heart of the Amazon, Cauby makes a living as a photographer. Soon he’ll befriend pastor Ernani’s attractive wife Lavínia and embark on an affair – a good portion of the film is dedicated to their passionate relationship. We will also learn of Lavínia’s baggage from her past – how she met her husband, her continuing love for him, and his supportive role. But when rumours of her affair with Cauby circulate, the conservative community do not look at it kindly, leading to tragedy, and their lives will never be the same afterwards…

The photographer Cauby moves and settles down in a small town in the countryside of Pará. When he meets the model Lavínia, who is the wife of Pastor Ernani, they have a torrid love affair. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


I'd Receive the Worst News from Your Beautiful Lips torrent reviews

David L (es) wrote: I don't understand why reviewers hated this movie. It's not a masterpiece, but it shows the sadness of mourning. All of them should be muted because nobody in the movie is vibrant or happy, but subtly played out the emotions rather than parodied them. It's a cast of headliner actors, which I think meant that none of them could stand out. The movie wasn't going to win best picture, but it had a story and plot elements that carried through. Predictable, but satisfying to see play out.

Alex H (nl) wrote: I have seen a lot of movies. Many of them good, and many of them bad. Many I could watch over and over again, and others I never wanted to watch again. The first time I watched "Pauly Shore is Dead", I immediately re-started the film. I love this movie! It takes a lot of courage to make fun of yourself to the extent that Pauly Shore does here. The jokes are hilarious, the cameo's are even better! I know this film isn't for everyone (mostly elitist, tasteless types) but anyone who's down to earth and can appreciate a low-budget movie with an absurd comedic premise, you'll take a liking to this movie. But make sure to brush up on your Pauly Shore movies before you do so, or else you may have a bit of trouble following some of jokes.

Jason S (mx) wrote: We see one of the "kids" come back that had chosen not to participate in the last installment and two more drop out without a word. So we have lost three total at this point.It's a weird thing to see these films one right after the other as the idea that so much time has passed for these people is hard to wrap my mind around. It's easy to be lost in the thought that these are not real people but characters in a movie. They are just really good at casting young people that look like the older people.The fact that we get to see the span of these lives is something rare in cinema and I don't think people should miss out on this. Ask yourself some of the questions they get asked and see if you are not any different from some of them.Another thing we get a look at are the marriages. In the last installment we saw most of them married and some even having kids. In this one we get to see if the marriages survived. Some did... some didn't.The year is 1990 and we are soon going to be in a very modern setting and I still am wondering where the folks will be as the tech and society takes the big leap that is coming soon.

Art S (ru) wrote: Musical theatre and dance aren't really my thing, so some of director/choreographer Bob Fosse's epic and excoriating paean to himself was probably lost on me. But it is epic and not unrelated to Fellini's 8 1/2, which also took the director's own life as a starting place for an extended fantasy/nightmare. Roy Scheider is the surprising lead (surprising because he never seemed like a song-and-dance man to me) and he pulls off the chain-smoking, speed-taking, rascally irresponsible promiscuous character just fine, including the singing/dancing finale. I'll admit that the film drags at times: I had more than enough of the clips of Cliff Gorman playing Lenny Bruce riffing on Elizabeth Kubler-Ross's stages of death, a scene from the movie (presumably Lenny, 1974) that Gideon/Fosse is editing while also getting a Broadway show together. Of course, death is a main theme here because Fosse had been warned that is was being hastened by heart problems (presumably brought on by his lifestyle; he eventually died of a heart attack in 1987). The film maintains a reasonably linear trajectory but bounces in and out of reality, presumably lingering in Gideon/Fosse's thoughts or even perhaps in the immediate anticipated afterlife (where Jessica Lange plays an angel) and dance sequences are liberally spread throughout, culminating in that finale. You don't feel that the musical setpieces interrupt the story - they _are_ the story - and Fosse had the balls to make them his story.

Robert W (it) wrote: A Fair McQueen flick. He plays Henry Thomas, a man who was abused as a boy and aspires to a singing career. Too bad he is so psychologically screwed-up to make the right choices.

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I'd Receive the Worst News from Your Beautiful Lips torrent

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